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Yemeni Female: Know and Meet Hot Single Girls To Date And Marry

The single Yemeni ladies are well known for their long luscious, dark, and thick hair. Their dark hair is the best feature that makes their face look stunning and expressive.
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Top Yemeni Cities With Brides Sanaa, Al Hudaydah, Taiz, Aden, Mukalla, Ibb, Dhamar, Amran, Sayyan, Zabid
Average Age 22 Years
Average Cost $16000
Success Rate 78%
Divorce Rate 31%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇵🇹Portugal,🇪🇸Spain

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As an exotic country, Yemen attracts the attention of travelers throughout the world. Moreover, a significant number of men is interested in Yemeni girls. These women are different from European, Asian, and American wives – as they are often reserved, conservative, dominated, shy, traditional and religious. However, they are great homemakers, know everything to make their husbands happy, are perfect mothers, and are extremely beautiful. Yemeni women are worth dating, though it’s pretty hard to date them. This article will give you helpful dating tips to succeed with your Yemeni women. You will also learn about their personality, why to choose them, what makes them popular, and every little detail about these ladies and will also let you know the right dating platforms to start dating them.

Yemeni Women

How Do Yemeni Singles Look Like?

The first thing a man notices in any lady is her first appearance, body, and how gorgeous her features are. There’s no doubt that a Yemeniwoman looks nothing less than a goddess herself, and this indisputable fact keeps on attracting flocks of grooms from all over the world. However, just like beautiful Muslim sexy women, you would notice that they hide their face and body under whole coverage cloth, although they look very captivating. So, if you are curious about what these young Yemeni women’s hotties look like, let’s figure it out below.

Mysterious Women and Attractive

Yemeni females are enigmatic and hard to get. They have an exotic and alluring appearance. Unlike Polish wives, Yemeni girls wear traditional dark capes that hide the curves of their bodies which gives them a mysterious look. Also, they cover their heads with veils and scarves to cover their facial features and hair, except their eyes. However, what’s beautiful in these girls is that they have the charm to attract and fall in love with them with their eyes only.

Feminie Figure

Lovely Yemeni ladies are tall and thin in their figures, and their bodies are strikingly shaped. The majority of the girls living there are extremely slim, and they strictly follow their diet to control their weight.

Dark Hair

The single Yemeni ladies are well known for their long luscious, dark, and thick hair. Their dark hair is the best feature that makes their face look stunning and expressive.

Olive Skin

The skin of Yemeni girls is gorgeous in look and is olive in color. Also, they have glass-like skin, which gives them an exotic look.

Unique Eyes

Unlike Polish girls, these ladies have the most lovely and unique eyes. Their eyes are expressive, significant, and enchanting, in different shapes and shades.

Why To Choose Yemeni Women?

Yemeni women dating

So, did you set your sights on a Yemeni bride? Are you still confused if you should marry Yemeni women? These women are brilliant homemakers, passionate lovers, best mothers, and above all else, the perfect wives. All sorts of men from western countries travel in search of Yemeni girls for marriage instead of choosing any other race, such as Slavic hot wives or Polish girls.

You must be curious to know what makes these women the most desirable wives and what draws the attention of men worldwide?

Yemeni females are beautiful yet humble, tender, and feminine. These women stand out among other races because they are poised and reserved and do not openly showcase their desires and thoughts easily. However, in the company of their loved and close ones, they do open up just like the most lively and friendly personalities. Therefore, a Yemeni bride could be a perfect choice for any man willing to chat with them.

And not only this! For these women, their families play the most crucial role, and it is their main priority. Indeed, women in Yemen devote their lives to their family’s prestige, and further, they act with complete modesty and decorum.

They know how to behave and talk about different situations appropriately. Moreover, the ladies are also known to create a relaxing atmosphere in anyone’s company. Having a family is also one of the significant reasons marriages occur in Yemen. In particular, these ladies want to lead a life of perfect wives and mothers and are entirely devoted to it. Therefore, if you choose a Yemeni woman, you will have a content and happy lifestyle and enjoy their attention. Also, what’s unique in these ladies is that they realize the importance of giving heirs; with this, you can incredibly be happy when it is a male child.

If you are willing to choose a Yemeni woman for marriage, you can’t just quickly get a single Yemeni woman to fall in love with you if you don’t adapt to her culture. These women are reserved in nature, so you can’t expect them to fall for you after cheesy pickup lines that work on American wives. Single Yemeni women are raised under strict cultures, so it’s a must to treat them with finesse and delicately.

Not only this, you have to put a lot of work into knowing these women, what their likes and dislikes about a man, what they are, and what’s precious for them in life. Also, it is essential to know if you both are compatible and if your ideals match. However, once you get a Yemeni woman, you will be amazed to see how much love she has to offer and how much importance she gives to her husband and family first. With Yemeni women, you will be living a comfortable life, as these ladies also know everything about their traditions, cooking exquisite dishes like mandi, maraq, fahsa and mashwi. With all these qualities, you’ll realize that one of the most significant decisions you have ever made is choosing a Yemeni woman instead of Russian women personals, for example.

Yemeni women personals

Best Women in Yemen

Moscow, Russia
Zofia, 21
Warsaw, Poland
Paris, French
Emma, 27
Dublin, Ireland
Ottawa, Canada
Sydney, Australia

Characteristic Features of Women in Yemen

Yemeni female

Are you looking to find a perfect Muslim bride? But you can’t find any near close to that perfection? Hot Yemeni brides are the same as Muslim girls, as they have the same characteristics, culture, facial features, and living styles. Also, there’s no doubt that Yemeni women have strong feminine, exotic features, and charming personalities. So, let’s read the below characteristics which make them stand out:

They Are Feminine

Tenderness and softness are cultivated in these ladies by local culture. Therefore, if you are dreaming of gentle, fragile, and malleable wives, then Yemeni ladies will be a perfect match for you.

They Are Reserved and Decent

Women in Yemen are not too active in speaking their inner selves in public. However, they are decent and well-behaved single women and they avoid getting into things that could harm or offend others. Not only this, these women know to maintain standard and dignity as they are not frivolous, and they never run around men. This characteristic makes Yemeni women perfect wives as their husbands can always count on their loyalty.

They’re Great Housewives

Since childhood, single Yemeni women are taught to give their husbands a cozy home condition and take care of their kids. Moreover, respect for elders and females is taught in their local customs, and they also treat their husbands courteously. So, you can be free of worries with a pretty young lady from Yemen, as she will ensure your living just like a paradise.

They’re Educated

Yemeni women know how to communicate in English just as an American girl will speak. Moreover, personal development and learning new things are the main forte of Yemeni girls, as they like to devote their time to self-development. By the way, women in this country also manage to occupy post-education. They are pretty independent and universal, too, making men curious and pleasant to talk with them.

They Obey Their Men

These ladies consider their husbands to be the head of the family. Moreover, they don’t conflict or challenge their husband’s decisions. So, by marrying the ladies from Yemen, you can count on a peaceful atmosphere of living together.

They’re Great Cook

Single Yemeni ladies are well aware of their traditional and authentic food, such as the famous mandi, maraq, fahsa, and mashwi dishes. They know how to serve their husband and kids tasty and nutritious dishes with love to keep them satisfied always. So, with a Yemeni woman at hand, you will get all the traditional foods and dishes that you may like by keeping your stomach always satisfied.

Where to Meet Yemeni Women?

meet Yemeni women

Yemen is one of the best nations to get around and meet beautiful women from Yemen, as they have beautiful cities which is a must-visit, which have friendly women and open hosts. Below, you will see the must-visit places to meet Yemeni women.


It is the third biggest city in Yemen which is close to the port city of Mocha. The place is the most beautiful and significant city in Yemen, which makes it quite suitable to experience and see Yemeni single women here without any issues of language or cultural barriers. The city comprises beautiful attractions too, such as Mudaffar Mosque, Shajarat Al Ghareeb, and Taiz are AL-Quahira Castle.


Sana’a is the country’s capital city, which is sitting at the height of 2,300 meters from sea level. This city is not just well known for its unique architecture of the multi-storeyed building, but it’s also remarkable to check out Yemeni girls here. As it’s the capital, the city also has women from different regions, such as Polish, Muslim, Arabian, and Asian wives. The variety of bathing houses and ancient mosques are worth visiting in this city.

Al Mukalla

If you are visiting this city as a tourist or you are local and want to spend a couple of days to find yourself a perfect real woman from Yemen, then this city has something to offer you. The women in this city are pretty friendly and hospitable, which will make your experience even better in this place. For sight visiting, you can visit Tabala Leis, a beachfront sight around 21km away from Shihr. The Ghyal Bawazir is another best vacation spot in Al Mukalla, Yemen, where you can take pretty Yemeni women for a date.

Local Places To Meet Yemeni Women

women Yemeni

In meeting single Yemeni women in Yemen, the main focus should be on choosing a perfect spot to meet her. If you are unsure where you can take her out, below, we have listed some places to visit where you can even meet a Muslim bride.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

When it comes to meeting Yemeni women for marriage – pubs, bars, and nightclubs are usually the best places to go. In Yemen, night scenes are lovely as many women tend to chill out in pubs every day, especially in the cities like Aden or Sana’a. There are Russian clubs too where you can meet mesmerizing belly dancers if they are your choice to date.

Shopping Malls

All over the world, shopping is considered a daily and an occasion-based activity that many women participate in actively. When it comes to Yemen, you can see this abundantly. Therefore, you will surely meet Yemeni ladies in shopping areas during the day or even at night. Below are some of the best areas to visit in different cities of Yemen.

  • Yemen Mall (Sana’s)
  • Metro Mall (Aden)
  • Sana’a Trade Center (Sana’s)
  • Aden Mall (Aden)


Yemen is the best place if you are a lover of old customs and lifestyles. The same can be seen in the women as they showcase their history and traditions and follows their old customs gracefully. The single women you may meet in such a city would only increase the value of your trip, and even if you are lucky, you may even find a Yemeni bride for yourself. Here are the best outdoor spots where you can go to meet Yemeni ladies for dating.

  • The Ancient Tombs (Sana’a)
  • Archer Beach (Socotra Island)
  • Baran Temple (Marib City)
  • Yemeni Fortress (Sana’a)
  • Sand Dunes (Socotra Island)
  • Al-Saleh Mosque (Sana’a)

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Review of Dating Sites to Meet Yemeni Women

single Yemeni women

It can be quite impossible for most people to go to Yemen to find a Yemeni bride or Asian bride for themselves. Fortunately, online Yemeni women dating sites can help anybody in this case to find their sweetheart. When it comes to searching and dating women online, the below list will be better for you to rely on:

  1. AsianMelodies – Offers a simple and streamlined approach to dating.
  2. AsianFeels – Offers in-depth analytics of your profile.
  3. Dating.com – Offers a wide variety of profiles from different countries.
  4. SingleAsianGirls – Offers unique features with its free membership plan.
  5. FindAsianBeauty – Offers an array of features.


AsianMelodies is a site where men from different countries can find beauty to establish long-term relationships with them. Plus, it’s fantastic to date Yemeni women or Chinese girls on this website. Being the most popular dating website today, it offers an excellent dating experience for its users, too, with a straightforward design of its website. As the website has more than 1,00,000 members every day, each user gets a wide selection of profiles to select and connect to. Not only this, but it also offers exciting features, with instant pop-ups about favorites and incoming messages with a mobile app feature. The website and app are incredibly secure and safe, and all women are real here. However, AsianMelodies differs from other Yemeni mail-order bride services as it offers a convenient and straightforward approach to dating.


AsianFeels is a Yemeni woman dating app that is currently worth trying in the market. The app works on mobile devices and PCs, and it has hot girls from Yemen and America. The site offers various features with a lot of messaging tools easy interface that is intuitive and easy to use. The app also has lots of active members ready to communicate, and constantly new members are seen to be adding up their profiles to find a suitable match. The primary feature that attracts new members to join AsianFeels is it analyses the statistics of their profile by reporting on the last reported profile, likes on posts, winks, and on how popular the profile is. The app is worth trying if you want to find a suitable match for you.

Yemeni women dating site


Dating.com connects singles around the globe and the unique features for the people to start a long-term relationship. Dating.com has over 180,000 active members daily, and over 4 million women are from the US alone. It comes on the website and the app feature that allows its users to make a profile anywhere around the globe. If you find a profile that sparks your interest, you can start a conversation here instantly through the Live Chat feature. The system of this Yemeni women dating also uses a secure network that ensures that your communication stays private, so members here feel safe while communicating. However, as this is a vast platform, it is evident that the top 5 countries make up their core users- that’s Yemen, the UK, the USA, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Dating.com also allows to search by city, country, language, interests, body type, and height.


SingleAsianGirls is an old-fashioned dating platform that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that helps members connect without any problem. The process to register on the site is also very simple as all a user has to do is fill in the basic information such as their name, email, date of birth, and relevant things. After this, a user can use free membership and get a month of free premium membership that starts for $9.99, including a package of getting 20 mins chat, five first mails, and unlocking all profile photos. However, the free membership has its benefits that allow members to search filters for free to find a suitable partner, and it also allows them to send emails to other members for free. SingleAsianGirls is an excellent online dating site to date Yemeni women, Asian brides, or other women from different countries.


FindAsianBeauty offers a great range of features for its members to know each other better. It also has an effective searching option for its members that helps to match the right Yemeni women personally. FindAsianBeauty chatting tools also ease the communication between the members also enables them to stay in touch 24/7. However, as we all know, the market of dating websites is in abundance. Still, FindAsianBeauty stands out among the rest as it has ten years of experience and positive reviews from all its members by catering to all of their requirements. FindAsianBeauty also fulfills the tiniest details of its members, thus creating a friendly environment for its users.

How to Date With Yemeni Women

date Yemeni women

Dating Yemeni women personals in the most exotic country could be challenging for foreign men. If you are looking for a future wife and seeking a Yemeni female, do not worry. You can find a lifetime partner in this country by following our guide on how to do this.

  • Pay attention to your looks: Yemeni women like men who are presentable in their appearance, you must check on yourself by maintaining a neat look, and you must smell pleasant.
  • Gain her trust: Unlike American brides, gaining the trust of Yemeni women for dating is highly important as they are reserved and selective when it comes to dating. You must do your best to showcase to her that you are responsible and a genuine person, as it will help you create a ground for a close relationship. Also, you must demonstrate your willingness to take care of her and her needs.
  • Let the women feel comfortable with you: The girls in Yemen are afraid to be misunderstood, and they expect their potential husbands to understand them. So, take things slowly with her and give her some space to express herself. If your Yemini bride feels that she can share her worries with you, you will see that your bond will get stronger within a time.
  • Find the right place to meet a Yemeni lady: Find the right place to meet the lady. As per the local traditions of Yemen, these women are prohibited from meeting stranger men in local places or even in person. However, there are a few exceptions too, where a few ladies in Yemen choose to meet and date men from foreign countries by knowing them face to face. Thus, you must ask the lady what’s comfortable for her; you can even date her online by choosing the best dating site to meet Yemeni girls or go to the local spots to meet them.
  • Be brave to take the first step: Yemen follows the traditional gender roles, where men are expected to take the first steps. Therefore, do not wait for the women to take the initiative, as you need to write to the women you like first.
  • Take care of the lady: You must always be willing to help your lady whenever she asks you or is in need. Moreover, you can give presents to showcase that you are caring, strong and decisive, and can also make a good family head in the future.
  • Discuss the family issues and future plans: It’s always best to discuss all the family-related issues in advance to not disappoint each other in the future. Not only this, if you want to live a peaceful life with the Yemeni bride, you must discuss where and how you would like to live your life in the future. Also, what opinions do you have on money matters, how many kids do you both wish to have, and your opinions on the upbringing of your future kids as well.
  • Ask the permission of her parents before marrying her: As per the local culture of Yemen, if a man is ready to get married to a single Yemeni lady, before proposing to her, he must ask her parents’ permission to marry her. This also helps to create a bond of trust and respect between the women’s parents and the groom.

Yemeni women personal


Out of millions of girls globally, singleYemeni ladies are the perfect choice for any man because these women do not demand much. They need love, protection, shelter, food, and family around them. The females of Yemen also have a perfect body with unique eyes, black hair, and exotic features. Their poised and reserved nature makes them even more attractive to men as they don’t open up or get friendly to every other man. Without a doubt, they know to make a man fall for them without any effort. However, finding Yemeni women to date, even if you live in another country, is easy, with the help of online websites. If you marry a Yemeni bride, be sure to have the best married life ahead and see all the benefits of dating a Muslim mail bride. Now that you know everything about these ladies, go and find your perfect match!

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