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Dinh Tu My

Dinh is a sexy Vietnamese model and DJ and is among the most successful women in her country.

Duong Nguyet Cam

Duong is a Vietnamese entrepreneur, model, and mother, although she hardly shows her child on social media. In entrepreneurship, she sells dresses and skincare products. 

Nguyen Thu Thuy

Nguyen Thu Thuy is a young and beautiful Vietnamese model born in Dong Hoi.

Nguyen Phuong Trinh

Nguyen Phuong is one of the Vietnamese models and businesswomen. She is taller than other models, which earns her more attention from her fellow entrepreneurs and fans.

Tran Bich Hanh

She is a fitness model and a founder of businesses, including Fruity Labb and LabViet.

White Lightning
White Lightning


Haigan, a Vietnamese model, is a woman concerned about her beauty and skin. In addition, she is concerned about the beauty and skin of other Vietnamese women. 

Khanh Luu

Khanh Luu is among the wild Vietnamese beauties. She is the owner of Mango House, a brand that sells pajamas and swimsuits.

Vu Ngoc Kim Chi

Vu Ngoch, a 21-year-old Vietnamese model, has been featured on multiple modeling sites, small-time magazines, and blogs.

Le Thien An

Le Thien is a media influencer, actress, model, and businesswoman who has starred in top-ranked movies such as Ghien My Go.

Le Xuan Anh

Le Xuan is an entrepreneur and model. Her main focus is balancing her model career, social media presence, and gorgeous and sexy body.

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White Lightning