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Aida Yespica

The girl began her career at one of the local beauty contests. There she was noticed and offered excellent conditions for work.

Dayana Mendoza

This Venezuelan hot girl has repeatedly won various beauty contests. It is how she started her successful modeling career.

Gaby Espino

You may be surprised, but this beauty was initially interested in entirely different things.

Ligia Hernandez

It is one of the most titled Venezuelan hot girls. She has dozens of different awards and successful stories in beauty pageants.

Claudia Moreno

This beauty began her path of success with various beauty contests, where her beauty, natural grace, and intelligence were immediately noted.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Karla Lopez

This sexy Venezuelan girl wasn’t looking for fame or a way to become a model. One day she was at the pool, and one agent noticed her.

Maria Gabriela Paez

Popularity helped her achieve a photo session in a swimsuit made for a famous magazine.

Corina Smith

She started her career as a model and actress. She still starred in popular TV shows and has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

Sheryl Rubio

This progressive girl with a large audience on Instagram. She starred in many films and series. And among her works, there is even a series on the popular Netflix platform. 

Rosmeri Marval

The number of its subscribers has long exceeded 6 million. It is not surprising because, in addition to a successful career, she is an exciting person.

White Lightning
White Lightning