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Guzelle Gazalina

Gazelle is a popular hot Turkmenistan girl who rose to the limelight on her Instagram page.

Erka Eva

Erika Eva is a Turkmenistan hot girl who specializes in graphics design. She loves the beauty industry and inspires girls through her social media platforms.

Laris Delagaza

Laris is a popular musician and actor in Turkmenistan. She loves music, modeling, and fashion.

Myahri Pirkuliyewa

Myah has had a stellar career in the music industry due to her various hit singles. In addition, she modeled for various brands in Turkmenistan. 

Sahra Sahin

Sahra Sahin is a hot Turkmenistan girl who has a passion for the beauty industry. She has featured in many commercials and modeled for various brands.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Ejesha Batyrova

Ejecta is a renowned model in Turkmenistan who likes using her social media to sell her agendas. She has modeled for various brands across the country.

Selbi Tuwakgylyjowa

Selby is one of the most beautiful Turkmenistan woman to grace the media industry. Sher’s interests lie in the music industry.

Gulake Khezretguly

Gulke is a producer, director, and TV presenter in the beauty industry. She has a huge following on her social accounts, where she blogs sometimes.

Bibil Owezowa

Bible is a hot Turkmenistan girl who uses the YouTube platform to encourage and empower women. Her interests lie in the media industry.

Gulshat Gurdowa

Gulshan is a popular Turkmenistan lady who has inspired many through her social media channels.

White Lightning
White Lightning