TOP 10




1. Mehrnigor Rustam

Mehrnigor Rustam is one of Tajikistan’s top singers. She is known for her emotional and catch pop songs.

2. Mokhinur Zamirova

Mokhinur Zamirova is a famous model who has appeared in some major fashion publications and modeled all over the world.

3. Safina Gaibova

Safina Gaibova won Miss Tajikistan in 2019 and since then has turned herself into a top influencer.

4. Shoira Pulatova

Shoira Pulatova is a major public figure in Tajikistan who is always coming up with new ways to improve her country.

5. Nilufar Sarboz

Nilufar Sarboz is the nation’s most popular beauty influencer. She is also showing helpful makeup tips and is even working on launching her line of cosmetics.

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Nuriddinova Sabinjon

Nuriddinova Sabinjon is a top influencer who is always doing collaborations with major brands.

7. Zarnigor Husainova

Zarnigor Husainova is a top influencer in Tajikistan. She is known for her racy pictures and trend-setting outfits.

8. Mohirai Tohiri

Mohirai Tohiri is a famous pop singer who always wows crowds with her powerful voice.

9. Nodira Mazitova

Nodira Mazitova is one of the top models in Tajikistan. She is absolutely gorgeous and now even runs the country’s top modeling agency!

10. Hammasa Kohistani

Hammasa Kohistani was born in Afghanistan to parents of Tajik descent.

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White Lightning