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Amal Arafa

Amal Arafa is a talented Syrian actress who also enjoys writing and singing. She started her career as a singer but switched to acting when famous Syrian director and producer Haitham Haqqi offered her a role in the TV series “The Morning Star.”

Dana Mardini

Dana Mardini is a hot Syrian girl known for her successful roles in Ala Al Hilwa Wa Al Morra, which premiered in 2021.

Dima Kandalaft

Dima Kandalaft is one of the most beautiful girls in Syria who has a beautiful voice and unmatching acting skills.

Emarat Rezk

Despite being born in a small town in Southern Syria, Emarat Rezk is the physical evidence that hard work and talent pay off.

Haya Maraachli

Haya Maraachil is a Syrian hot girl born to a family of famous actors: both her parents and grandparents were actors.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Heba Nour

Heba Nour is a Syrian actress well known to the entire Arab World for her successful roles in TV series and movies.

Jafra Younes

Jafra Younes is a beautiful Syrian girl that has gained international fame due to her talent, hard work, and ambition.

Faia Younan

Faia was born to an Assyrian family in Syria. Before becoming a famous singer, Faia sang at local events in Sweden.

Assala Nasri

Assala is a famous Syrian musician and one of the most talented singers in the Arab World.

Farrah Yousef

Farrah Yousef became famous to a wider audience in 2013 due to her participation in the second season of the TV show Arab Idol. 

White Lightning
White Lightning