TOP 10




1. Winting

This female is a popular actress who is making waves in the international film industry. After the debut, she played a few more roles in TV series.

2. Natalia

She is an actress who was gaining popularity after the Miss Universe competition. A few years later, she managed to become a successful singer.

3. Jermana

She is a singer and an actress who was born in 1998. She took part in the singing competition “The Final 1” in 2015 and won. The girl also starred in a few TV series.

4. Miki

She is an actress who is considered to be one of the most successful Singaporeans. The girl was mentioned as the first runner-up in The New Paper`s “New Face” competition.

5. Vanessa

The girl was born and raised in Singapore. She is an actress, artist, entrepreneur, and model. Her major is English Literature, while her minor is Drama and Performance.

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Donna

She is a talented actress who performed in the 1979 Broadway play “they`re Playing Our Song and was nominated for a Tony Award for this role.

7. Sophia Chong

She is a blogger, actress, and foodie. The female is best known for her lifestyle blog, The Juice Market. 

8. Jewel Goh

She happens to be a popular Instagram star and fashion influencer. She has a brother and two sisters.

9. Rebecca Chen

She is an actress who got popularity for her role in “Siew Lup”, in spite of being rated R21 for simulated sexual activity and frequent scenes of nudity.

10. Jade Rasif

The female is an actress who became popular after the TV show Titan Academy. 

White Lightning
White Lightning