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Emy Mena

The girl always dreamed of becoming an actress, but there were attempts and receiving another profession.

Vanessa Velasquez

This beauty has long been considered an influencer for hundreds of thousands of girls.

Vanesa Tomasino

You could often see her among the other pretty Salvador girls on Hollywood red carpets.

Zuleika Soler

She moved along with her parents to the USA, where she was already building her model career. However, at the beauty contest, she represented her native country. 

Carla Vila

She is a co-founder of lavysher jewelry. It is her little hobby that may well develop into a successful business. 

White Lightning
White Lightning

Ena Cea

Beauty is indeed a powerful weapon that can jumpstart a successful career. That’s exactly what happened to this beauty.

Rosa Calderon

This girl loves to go beyond the accepted norms. Of course, we do not mean anything illegal. But she likes to experiment with her looks but within reason.

Alisson Abarca

This girl is fluent in English and represented her country at the international beauty contest in 2017.

Linda Arsenio

This beauty often starred in American and Indian films. You may have seen her on TV or the cover of fashion magazines. 

Fatima Mangandi

This beauty is convinced that her beauty can really help save the world. She often does charity work.

White Lightning
White Lightning