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Andreia Rodrigues

She participated in the Miss World competition in 2008. She has appeared in various movies and TV series.

Liliana Santos

This Portuguese lady is a model and actress who was born in Lisbon. She got famous by appearing in several films such as Inspector Max, Resistive, Floribella, and Queridas Feras.

Cláudia Vieira

Claudia Vieria is an actress, Tv presenter, model, and well-known person in Portugal.

Rita Andrade

Rita Andrade found success as a model featuring in Golden Globes and Fama show in 2011 and 2008.

Diana Chaves

Diana Chaves is the most beautiful Portuguese womanand actress who has been seen in several TV series such as Matahari, Sal, and MauMau Maria.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Sofia Arruda

Sofia Arruda is a well-known and famous personality in the movie industry. She has done excellent performances in Sentimentos and FeiticodeAmor.

Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes has made her career in modeling, and even she has appeared in magazines like Victoria’s Secret, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and Swimsuit Issue.

Vanessa de Oliveira

She was born in Brazil, where she used to work as a prostitute, and later, she became a writer. 

Laura Figueiredo

Laura Figueiredo is quite a hot woman herself and an actress who starred in movies like LuaVermelha and MorangoscomAcucar.

Rita Pereira

This amazing hot Portuguese girl started her career modeling. Later, she switched to a TV presenter, and even she has starred in a lot of movies as well.

White Lightning
White Lightning