TOP 10




1. Leslie Shaw

Leslie Shaw is one of Peru’s biggest pop stars and is also a highly successful model. Shaw is known for her sexy outfits and club smashing hits!

2. Juana Burga

She is absolutely stunning and can be seen gracing the biggest fashion magazines!

3. Janet Leyva

Janey Leyva is Miss Peru 2023. You only need to take a quick look at her Instagram to find out why!

4. Romina Lozano

Romina Lozano is a glamorous model from Peru who is not shy about sharing sexy pictures on Instagram!

5. Luciana Fuster

Luciana Fuster isn’t just a pretty model. She has turned herself into a mogul. She has millions of followers and hosts a tv show and radio show!

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Vania Bludau

Vania Bludau is a sexy model who recently split with her boyfriend. She enjoys traveling around the world and loves designer bags!

7. Melissa Paredes

Melissa Paredes is almost too sexy! This Peruvian model will cause your heart to flutter. If you don’t believe us, just check out her Instagram!

8. Karen Schwarz

Karen Schwarz is half German and half Peruvian! The model hosts TV shows and is one of the most popular girls in the whole of Peru!

9. Ivana Yturbe

Ivana Yturbe is a fashion icon in Peru. She is always collaborating with the biggest brands and setting fashion trends in Peru!

10. Jazmin Pinedo

Jazmin Pinedo is a former model who now hosts a super popular TV show in Peru. When she is not on TV, she likes to share her glamorous life on Instagram!

White Lightning
White Lightning