TOP 10




1. Tugs Saruul

She is just 24 years old and shot to fame after her appearance on the reality TV Asia’s Next Top Model.

2. Tuya Altan

She is famous for appearing in Playboy and has a degree from the Mongolian State University of Culture and Arts.

3. Una Bold

Una Bold is a model and is one of the country’s top lifestyle bloggers. She is always sharing pictures from exotic locations.

4. Shuudertsetseg Purev Ochir

Shuudertsetseg Purev Ochir is one of the top actresses in Mongolia and is known for her impeccable style!

5. Turbat Battsetseg

Turbat Battsetseg is a stunning model who sprung to fame when she won Miss Mongolia in 2014 and competed in the Miss World competition.

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Chuluunbaatar Urankholboo

Chuluunbaatar Urankholboo is one of the biggest pop stars in Mongolia. Her voice is only matched by her beauty!

7. Baljkaa Ann

Baljkaa Ann is a hugely popular blogger with a diehard fanbase. She is always jetting around the world and appearing in fashion magazines.

8. Tsengel Oyunbat

Tsengel Oyunbat is one of Mongolia’s most famous actresses. She is a super sexy Mongolian woman and is famous for roles such as The Mother in 2016.

9. Odzaya Deremchimed

Odzaya Deremchimed is a fashion icon. She is always collaborating with the biggest brands and setting fashion trends!

10. Purev Suren

Purev Suren is one hot woman! She is also incredibly talented as when she is not sharing sexy pictures on Instagram she is modeling and appearing in movies and Tv shows!

White Lightning
White Lightning