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May May Savan

May May Savan is famous for her luxurious lifestyle and classy looks. Her social media account is loaded with hot and stylish pictures.

Kai Overdance

Kai Overdance has started her career with a famous pop band, and now she has become a popular singer and model. 

Barbie Piyamarth

Barbie Piyamath is known as a famous singer in Laos. She started her singing career at a young age, and now she won everyone’s heart with her singing skills.

Annita Thivaphone

Be it dancing, modeling, or singing – talented Annita is perfect in everything. She is also seen in many popular magazines and has numerous hit songs.

Noony Koumphonphakdee

The amazing Noony is a well-known Laos speaker and works as a contestant in many TV shows. Laotians and hotCanadiangirls are also crazy about her sweet voice.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Nang Chandaly

The Nang is a famous beauty influencer known for her natural beauty and looks. She is so pretty and knows very how to maintain a class.

Louknum Thidalath

The beautiful Louknum started her modeling career at a young age, and now she is known as a famous model and actress.

Chi Chi

Chi Chi is a famous Instagram influencer known for her excellent modeling skills. She is so alluring and has a perfect body shape.

Apple Miniberry

Apple is a famous celebrity in Laos and is known for her cuteness. She looks like a doll and has a good body shape.

Alexandra Bounxouei

Alexandra is the second runner-up on the list and is known as the most famous singer and model. Her voice is so sweet and melodic and touches everyone’s heart.

White Lightning
White Lightning