TOP 10




1. Begimay Karybekova

Begimay Karybekova is one of the country’s top models. She won Miss Kyrgyzstan in 2017 and now lives in New York, where she works with all of the top brands!

2. Aijan Asemova

Aijan Asemova is a drop-dead gorgeous model from Kyrgyzstan. When she is not gracing the cover of fashion magazines, she is sharing her travel snaps on Instagram.

3. Susanna Yegoryan

Susanna Yegoryan is a former Miss Kyrgyzstan winner and loves going out for hikes in the mountains while going to the fanciest restaurants and clubs in Bishkek.

4. Meerim Atantaeva

Meerim Atantaevais is an incredibly striking model who has a Chinese and Kyrgyz background. Her good looks won her the Best Model of Central Asia pageant in 2017.

5. Telegey Malabekova

elegey Malabekova is a major player on the local beauty pageant scene and is famous for her long legs and cute small face. She enjoys traveling and going to fancy restaurants.

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Abdva Aiganysh

Abdva Aiganysh is a well-known model in Kyrgyzstan. She is always working with high-profile brands!

7. Aygul Aliyeva

Aygul Aliyeva is an up-and-coming influencer in Kyrgyzstan and a model who has won many beauty contests. When she is not competing, she is advertising different products on Instagram.

8.Rahat Bojokoeva

Rahat Bojokoeva is a top actress and is now a major influencer who helps launch products and has started numerous businesses.

9. Saadat Asylbekova

Saadat Asylbekova won Miss Kyrgyzstan in 2021! She has an incredible figure, and we predict you will see her in international fashion magazines very soon!

10. Zhamilia Ishenbaeva

Zhamilia Ishenbaeva has won numerous beauty contests and even represented Kyrgyzstan internationally. She isn’t just sexy, she is also smart. 

White Lightning
White Lightning