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Mahlagha Jaberi

If you think that all that has made this girl a career, you’re mistaken. This girl is an incarnation of external and internal beauty.

Claudia Lynx

This sexy Iranian girl has an amazing and attractive look. More to the teenage years, she is pleased with the way you and the actress bravely went out to meet it.

Shiva Rose

Her international career model is impressive. She immediately started to work with top fashion houses. Would they invite an ugly girl? Of course not. 

Nasanin Nuri

If you have not heard of this stunning woman, you probably saw it on TV screens, especially if you are interested in Iranian culture.

Elnaz Shakerdoost

Many famous photographers wanted to ask for this model. It attracts the views of men to themselves in a few seconds.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Leila Hatami

She did not like the fashion shows but often posed for fashion photoshoots for magazines and brands of clothing.

Shermine Shahrivar

How many foreigners do you see on local television? But this girl managed to secure a place in Germany and become famous on their local channels.

Sahar Biniaz

She won the title of Miss Universe Canada in 2012. It gave a massive push to her model career.

Aylar Lie

This girl breaks all stereotypes of a harsh Iranian upbringing. Perhaps the reason is that when she was three years old, her family moved to Norway.

Nazanin Mandi

This girl has been inspiring Iranian hot girls for many years to be open and not be afraid to learn something new.

White Lightning
White Lightning