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Barbara Palvin

Almost everyone knows this young model. Due to her international modeling career, she moved to the US early and was able to stay there.

Enikó Mihalik

Glory to this beauty fell at the age of 15 and quite unexpectedly. She was walking through the mall when the agent spotted her.

Zsuzsanna Jakabos

This girl is incredible. And you will be surprised, but she is not a model, but an athlete and world-class.

Bolgárka Kapás

She is one beautiful athlete who could easily compete with models from all over the world. She was repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful girl in the country.

Nora Ördög

If you like to watch not only local but also international Canada or have been to Hungary, then you definitely see this beauty on TV screens.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Andrea Osvart

Since her teenage years, this girl has been distinguished by her determination and knowledge of what she wants to achieve in life.

Balogh Edina

She is the hottest and the most beautiful Hungarian girl. To engage in several cases simultaneously in the spirit of women of these nationalities.

Beres Evelin

She was quickly able to achieve success in her modeling career, but in the end, she chose a family. 

Huszar Zsofia

This beauty has always worked hard and therefore was able to succeed. After all, as practice shows, being simply beautiful is not enough. 

Linda Szunai

As a teenager, the girl chose a modeling career for herself. And she actively went to her goal, taking part in various beauty contests.

White Lightning
White Lightning