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Lisa Drouillard

The beautiful Haitian girl is a beauty queen who emerged as the winner of the 2011 Miss New York Teen America and 2015 Miss Haiti competition

Anedie Azael

The pretty Haitian girl is an American model. She was born in Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

Sarodj Bertin

The cute Haitian girl is a lawyer, and people know her for being a beauty pageant contestant.

Christela Jacques

The hot Haitian girl was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti. She is a beauty pageant titleholder.

Sofia Clerius

The sexy Haiti girl gets represented by Mega in Miami and Stars company in California.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Aube Jalicoeur

The Haiti hot girl was born and bred in Haiti. She is a model signed to the Next Model agency.

Kiki Barth

The Haiti sexy girl works as a model and a brand ambassador at the Miami Front Management company. 


The Haitian sexy girl is into modeling, and she is also a YouTuber. Presently, she is not signed, but her resume and portfolio boast impressive pictures and achievements.

Marie Blachard

The Haitian hot girl lives in Manhattan, NY. She is a model. One of her latest modeling acts was where she modeled in biking contests.

Berlange Presilus

The sexy Haitian girl is a Toronto-represented model, and she works under the Ciotti Models agency.

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White Lightning