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Erin Jordan Blanquisco

Erin is a Belize model who came to fame while contesting for Miss World Universe in 2018.

Cheyenne Marques Santos

Cheyenne hails from Barrigada and studies at Guam University. She first came to the limelight after contesting for Miss University Guam in 2018.

Keshia Lee Llarenas

Keshia participated in Miss Universe Guam and was crowned winner in 2018. She has participated in other contests, including Miss California USA.

Noelle UyTuazon

Noelle is a model and actress popularly known for her role in Misdirection, a 2010 TV series.

Brittany Bell

Brittany is a hot Guam model who won the 2014’s Miss Guam competition. She was also nominated for other contests, including Miss Arizona USA in 2010, where she bagged the award.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Sissie Luo

Sissie is a model and beauty enthusiast who won the Miss Guam contest in 2019. Moreover, she represented in the Miss Universe competition.

Alyssa Cruz Aguero

Alysa is famous for emerging as the winner of the Miss Guam contest and featuring in the Miss Universe competitions held in 2012.

Alixes Scott

Alixes is originally from Hawaii but currently resides in Guam. 

Vera Miao

Vera is one of the hottest women from Guam. She is an actress and filmmaker whose prowess in 2017’s 2 Sentence Horror brought her to the limelight. In addition, Vera appeared in Incarnate (2016) and Best Friends Forever (2013).

Athena McNich

Athena came is a beautiful Guamanian model who became a sensation in 2015 after emerging second in the Miss World Guam competition, Miss Photogenic.

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White Lightning