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Christina María Aguilera

This girl is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire history of Ecuador. For a long time, she lived in the United States, and the popularity of sheltered it in that country.

Samantha Boscarino

The girl was born not in Ecuador but never denied her roots. It deserved respect, for she often belongs to Beautiful Ecuadorian Women.

Dora María López West

The peak of popularity of this hot girl was given by the girl group “Kandela & Son.”

Ambar Montenegro

This girl is not shy about her seductive figure. Therefore, on her Instagram page, you can see many hot photos.

Angela Isadora Peñaherrera

This bright girl proves that sexy girls are no less intelligent and educated than men.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Flor María Palomeque

The beauty and talent of this girl opened all the doors for her. Therefore, she managed to try herself in different roles

Cree Cicchino

She even starred on the Netflix platform, which is now also at the peak of its popularity.

Maria Fernanda

Another girl who gained fame in the group Kandela and Son. It seems that this group consisted of hot Ecuador women.

Lissette Cedeño

She often flashes on local television and is the dream of many men.

Catalina López Samán

We are not surprised that such a beauty was able to win the hearts of almost every man and win titles.

White Lightning
White Lightning