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Tereza Fajksova

One of the hottest Czech women today is Tereza Fajksova. In case you do not know, Fajksova won the popular Miss Earth award in 2012 when she was 22 years old.

Alena ҆eredov√°

Alena ҆eredov√° is one of the most beautiful Czech women you can find on the internet today.

Daniela PeŇ°tov√°

Born on October 14, 1970, in Teplice, Czechia, Daniela PeŇ°tov√° is a popular Czech model.

TaŇ•√°na Gregor Brzobohat√°

TaŇ•√°na Gregor Brzobohat√°, born on December 23, 1987, is a beautiful Czech woman, model, and beauty queen.

Jitka Valkova

Jitka Valkova, born on November 11, 1991, is a sexy Czech girl and musician.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Denisa Dvor√°kov√°

Born in Prague on May 28, 1989, Denisa Dvor√°kov√° is a popular and hot Czech girl. She won the Elite Model look award in 2006.

Hana Soukupov√°

Occupying the seventh spot on the top 10 list of the hottest Czech women is Hana Soukupov√°.

Karolína Kurková

Karolína Kurková, born on February 28, 1984, is a Czech-American actress and model. She once worked as a Vogue and Victoria’s Secret Angel cover star.

Lucie Kovandov√°

Sitting on the ninth spot on this list is Lucie Kovandová. Born on November 6, 1993, Kovandová is a popular Czech fashion model. 

Petra Nńõmcov√°

Petra Nńõmcov√° is the last person on this top 10 list of the hottest Czech women today.¬†

White Lightning
White Lightning