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The most beautiful girl in China was born in Shanghai. She has stolen the hearts of millions of fans because of her inborn grace and femininity.

Fan Bingbing

The most beautiful Chinese girl rregularly posts photos of luxurious dresses, promoting Valentino and Louis Vuitton garments.

Yang Mi

A wildly popular celebrity and a hot sexy Chinese girl appeared in many movies and TV shows. The woman is known for her Independence and welcoming attitude toward gold-diggers.

Ming Xi

A professional model is one of the most beautiful girls in China and worldwide. She works with Victoria’s Secret and renowned magazines like Chinese Vogue, Elle, etc.

Lil Chili

If you haven’t seen hot China girls yet, look at Lil, a successful model, influencer, and social media sensation. A tall girl with brown hair and shining black eyes was born in Shanghai.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Zhang Xinyu

A Chinese Tik Tok star and model proves that Chinese women are hot, creative, and smart.

Fei Fei Sun

One of the most beautiful women in China and worldwide, a supermodel works with prominent brands and editions in New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

Joce Lyn

A model, TV star, and blogger has been featured on luxury editions and fronted international campaigns for Calvin Klein, Missguided Lingerie, and other recognizable brands.

Gatita Yan

A Chinese hot sexy girl loves fitness but doesn’t obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. For example, she doesn’t smoke but allows herself to have a drink with friends.

Liu Wen

The model is not a party girl but prefers to read books and surf the Internet when she gets a bit of time to spare.

White Lightning
White Lightning