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Josefina Montané

Josefina Montané birth date is April 16, 1988, and her birth city Las Condes, in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago.

Mayte Rodriguez

The hot Chilean girl is an actress and model born in 1989 into a family of well-known artists. Some recent telenovelas, films, and advertisements she appeared in included Peugeot in 2018.

Cote De Pablo

Cote de Pablo grew up in Miami, Florida. She went to Arvida Middle School and, subsequently, Carnegie Mellon.

Tamara Acosta

She is a well-known personality in theatre and television, but she is best known as “the muse of Chilean cinema” since she has appeared in many Chilean films.

Natalia Aragonese

Fernando González was the theatre teacher, the hot Chilean woman.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Carolina Arregui

The telenovela El Juego de la Vida made her debut when she was just 17 years old.

Miranda Bodenhöfer

As the daughter of musician Andreas Bodenhöfer and actress Verónica González, as well as the niece of television actor Bastián Bodenhöfer, Miranda comes from a long line of artists.

Luz Jiménez

During the 1980s, when Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN) was centered around Sonia Fuchs, she became one of the first major players in the then-emerging telenovela business.

Fernanda Sobarzo

Fernanda was crowned Miss World Chile by Camila Andrade in a private event in Chile’s Telethon Theatre. 

Lorenza Izzo

In 2007, Izzo traveled to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

White Lightning
White Lightning