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Teodora Todorova

She is a light and cheerful girl who can easily be confused with a model. Although the girl is fond of model posing and participates in photo shoots, her main passion is medicine.

Hristina Hristova

Despite her young age, the girl was able to reach many heights. For example, after participating in the Bulgarian version of the show The X Factor, she took up her modeling career.

Desi Kate (Lorein)

She is an incredible girl known as a model in Bulgaria with a large audience on Instagram. Based on its profile she has a versatile personality.

Nora Vladova

The first thing that catches your eye when viewing the profile of this cute Bulgarian girl is her incredible figure. She loves beaches and sunny weather. 

Nikoleta Bojinova

Your profile inspires hundreds of girls. The best of her works are available in the preservation of history on Instagram.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Andjelina Atanasova

This girl without a million subscribers on Instagram was able to achieve great success in the capital of Bulgaria at her young age.

Monika Valerieva

Now this incredible beauty lives in Sofia, but she was born in a small town in western Bulgaria.

Bilyana Lazarova

Despite her young age, the girl managed to visit not only her beloved Bulgaria, but also appear around the world during her modeling career.


This girl is a real mystery because she does not reveal her real name even to her subscribers. However, does this prevent hundreds of men from dreaming about her?

Teodora Andreeva

This girl is a vivid example of how girls over 30 should look and what most Bulgarian beautiful women strive for. 

White Lightning
White Lightning