TOP 10




1. Elma Begovic

The Bosnian sexy girl is known for her dramatic roles in the 2015 horror film Bite, the 2016 thriller/horror Tear Us Apart, and the comedy TV series You Got Dumped.

2. Alena Dzebo

This stunning and attractive Bosnian star works as an artist and assistant director.

3. Marijana Mikulic

This sexy Bosnian girl celebrity is well-known for her various film and theatre appearances and often seen in television dramas.

4. Jelena Jovanova

Jelena Jovanova, a stunning Bosnian actress, is well-known in television and movies. In the film In the Land of Blood and Honey, her performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

5. Alma Terzic

Alma Terzic, a gorgeous and attractive Bosnian actress, is a worldwide star.

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Marija Pikic

This stunning Bosnian actress is most known for her appearance in the film Children of Sarajevo.

7. Lana Likic

With her Slavic beauty, this attractive lady commands the hearts of her followers.

8. Emma Golijanin

This stunning Bosnian diva, actress, and model is well-known outside her homeland. 

9. Ornela Vištica

Ornela Vitica, a sultry and sexy Bosnian-Croatian actress and model, has been working since 2011. She is a stunning young lady, but her admirers have only seen her perform on a few occasions.

10. Ivana Milicevic

This sexy Bosnian actress Ivana Milicevic played the fictitious henchwoman assisting terrorist financier Le Chiffre.

White Lightning
White Lightning