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Rissy Vidal

This young girl has amassed the fame of thousands of followers on Tik Tok, becoming one of the youngest stars from all over Bolivia. 

Becky Velasco

Without a doubt, we can say that she is well known for her merit. Becky has always done her best to bring her fans the funniest and most original content.

Gabriella Zegarra

Gabriela can also be named one of Bolivia’s most successful and beautiful women.

Vanessa Vargas Gonzales

The beautiful Cochabamba, one of the most beautiful Bolivian women, also represented the country in China’s Miss World beauty pageant.

Maria Elena Antelo Molina

She represented Bolivia in the 58th edition of the Miss International pageant in November at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Valentina Ramallo Gajardo

Valentina participates in the Beauty contests because she is convinced that external beauty reflects what she carries inside of her. 

Andrea Roman

 Andrea is no exception – she was mainly posting celebrity posts related to the couple’s love life formed between Kim Kardashian and KanyeWest there.

Elena Romero Zambrana

She participated in the October “Miss Grand International 2018” contest in Rangoon (Burma).

Joyce Prado Ribera

Joyce loves writing songs and dreams of becoming a famous singer one day.

Anabel Angus

As in the case with many insanely popular cute Bolivian women, her first public appearances were on the television network “Unitel” in 2000.

White Lightning
White Lightning