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Daniela Medina

Daniela Medina is one of the sexy babes hailing from Bogota, Colombia. Her alluring beauty has seen her get roles in TV series and telenovelas.

Catalina Otalvaro

Catalina Oltavaro rose to fame after featuring in brands like Victoria’s Secret, Miss Sixty, and CK. 

Jessica Romero

Jessica Romero is a popular beauty queen most known for her sexy photoshoots. You can catch up with her Jess Fearless, a YouTube channel where she posts most of her lifestyle vlogs. 

Paula Andrea Restrepo

Paula Andrea is a beautiful Bogota girl who is into modeling and entrepreneurship.

Estefania Pereira

Estefania Pereira is a popular fitness model who came to the limelight for her stunning looks.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Sara Corrales

Sara Corrales is a popular TV celebrity in Colombia. The gorgeous Bogota babe is renowned for her role in Todos Quieren con Marylin where she won an award as the best actress of the year.

Sandra Valencia

andra Valencia is a famous model with a sexy figure. Her beauty is striking and earned her the second position as the most beautiful woman from Colombia.

Tuti Vargas

Tuti Vargas rose to fame for her YouTube shows, where she records music clips and other videos. Her beautiful looks cannot go unmentioned, and she is currently into beauty and fashion.

Natalia Paris

Natalia Paris is one of the hottest women from Bogota. She is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about beauty care products.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is among the beautiful Colombian ladies who became an internet sensation for her modeling career.

White Lightning
White Lightning