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Luna Stephen

This beautiful lady of Belgian-Dutch origin is the girlfriend of former Dutch youth team Sandy Walsh.

Elena Castro to Suarez

Elena Castro Suarez shows just how divine a mix of Belgian and Spanish blood can be. In 2019, she became Miss Belgium at the age of 18.

Celine Van Witsel

On January 11, 2020, Van Ouytsel was elected as Miss Belgium. Thanks to her victory, she succeeded Elena Castro Suarez.

Maite Rivera Armajones

She became Miss Belgium in 2017. In terms of looks, she could very well compete with Pak Munen.

Celeste Dexstecker

She placed second in the Miss Belgium 2020 pageant, but she also became Miss Flanders 2020 and Miss West Flanders 2020.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Rose Bertram

We mostly know Rose Bertram as the girlfriend of former Ajax player Gregory van der Wiel. She is a model and influencer.

Angelina Flor Pua

Angeline Flor Pua is the daughter of Filipino parents who met in Belgium.

Lentje Jorissen

22-year-old Leentje Jorissen earned the right to call herself the most beautiful in Limburg in 2017 and was one of the finalists in the Miss Belgium pageant.

Axel Despigeler

This name may not mean much to you, but your memory is sure to be completely refreshed with one photo

Michelle de Bruyne

Michele Lacroix is football player Kevin De Bruyne’s wife. The couple has three sons named Mason, Rome, and Suri De Bruyne.

White Lightning
White Lightning