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Tanya Kiryanova

Tanya’s main passion is cooking. But if you visit her Instagram page, you will find much more than just recipes and original photos of food.

Liza Kolomiets

Liza Kolomiets started developing her Instagram account with striking food photos but then proceeded to lifestyle.

Olga Nikiforova

Now the girl lives in Dubai and tells followers about her bright and vibrant life. Moreover, she does not miss sports training and loves to dance.

Nina Serebrova

Nina was born and raised in Gomel but now lives in Miami and works as a model.


The first thing that catches your eye with a cursory glance at Sasha’s account is its style. The pastel colors of the photos emphasize its really cozy content: the photographer, traveler, and beauty lover talks about her animals, house, Minsk, food.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Natali Roshe

A talented stylist, TV presenter, and actress shares her fashion looks, photos from filming, and funny videos.

Ekaterina Koba

The doll-like appearance of this hot woman attracts thousands of men. Ekaterina is a Belarusian model who lives and works in Switzerland.

Natasha Mankovskaya

This is another popular model from Belarus. Natasha has a stunning figure and keeps herself in shape with regular workouts.

Katya Grebenko

Nature endowed this hot Belarus girl with incredible beauty, but Katya still has a passion for cosmetics and sophisticated makeup.

Dasha Mart

This is one of the sexiest Belarus women you can meet on Instagram. Dasha appeared on the cover of Playboy, and for a good reason!

White Lightning
White Lightning