TOP 10




1. Vicky Heiler

Vicky Heiler launched her blog Bikini and Passports back in 2010.

2. Catrin Neumayer

She is famous for posting super yummy Austrian recipes to Instagram while wearing sexy outfits. She is more than just a pretty face!

3. Madeleine Daria Alizadeh

Madeleine Daria Alizadeh started off blogging about sustainability and fashion. She then started killing it on Instagram and even launched her very own fashion brand!

4. Nina Radman

Nina Radman is a lifestyle blogger who loves to share travel and beauty tips. She also enjoys the outdoors!

5.Viktoria Urbanek

Viktoria Urbanek is one of the country’s top travel bloggers. She loves sharing her tips and tricks and also her passion for scuba diving!

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Silia

Silia is one of the most popular Viena lifestyle bloggers. She will make you feel like you are walking the amazing streets of Vienna right beside her!

7. Hristina Micevska

Hristina Micevska is one of the country’s top fashion bloggers. She is always collaborating with the world’s leading fashion houses!

8. Tatjana Kreuzmayr

She was awarded top Austrian influencer of the year and is known for her supermodel good looks and engaging Instagram posts!

9. Jessica Haller

Jessica Haller is a super hot Austrian woman! She has a massive following who look to the influencer for beauty tips and to be inspired by her luxurious life!

10. Polina Kolz

She is always sharing sexy pictures on Instagram and seems to be in a new country every week!

White Lightning
White Lightning