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Katrina Kaif

Katrina is a famous Indian actress and fashion model. She was born in China but later moved to India, where she started her actress career.

Gemma Chan

She is a famous actress who managed to gain success in the Western movie market. She became extremely popular and recognizable after such films as Transformers: The Last Knight and Captain Marvel.

Priyanka Chopra

She is a famous Indian actress who has performed as a singer in musicals. Priyanka’s undeniable beauty was one more time justified when she won Miss World 2000 contest.

Fan Bingbing

She performed in many films and TV dramas. Due to her beauty and exceptional actor skills, she became a spokesperson for many famous brands, which are well-known not only in China.

Tian Jing

This cute Asian girl originates from China. After becoming an actress, she was noticed by Western moviemakers who offered her roles in Hollywood movies. One of her most famous roles is a role in The Great Wall film. 

White Lightning
White Lightning

Lucy Liu

This Asian American hot girl is a well-known actress who is known not only among Chinese movie adherents. She is beloved by many viewers of the famous American film Charlie’s Angels. After that, she was invited to perform in Kill Bill, Lucky Number Slevin.

Zhang Jingchu

For many years, this Asian girl comprises the list of hot girls from Asia. She is a very talented actress, which brought her recognition, and she has become famous worldwide

Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko has always been considered to be beautiful. This factor helped her to become a famous model and actress. For some period, she cooperated with the Japanese magazine ViVi.

Nia Sharma

This is an extremely beautiful young Indian lady who has remarkable facial traits and body forms. Her beauty is iconic not only among Asians but in the Western world as well.

Saaya Irie

This unforgettable hot Asian girl with lush breasts is a famous Japanese actress and model. She did not have to create a special stage name because her real name is recognizable and easy to remember.

White Lightning
White Lightning