TOP 10




1. Trejsi Sejdini

Trejsi Sejdini was crowned Miss Albania in 2018 and is now one of the country’s top Instagram influencers!

2. Foinika Kay

Foinika Kay is a massive influencer who is known for her inspiring fashion and makeup content!

3. Almeda Abazi

Almeda Abazi is one of the country’s hottest women. Her Instagram is filled with pics from her luxurious life!

4. Misse Beqiri

Misse Beqiri is a former model who was born in Sweden and rocketed to fame following her appearance on the Real Housewives of Cheshire reality TV show.

5. Hygerta Sako

Hygerta Sako is former Miss Albania and is now a TV host and sports journalist!

White Lightning
White Lightning

6. Loresa Hamitaj

She is famous for her bikini pictures on Instagram and has been modeling since the age of 4!

7. Adelajda Mateli

Adelajda Mateli is a model who lives jet setting around the world! She is always sharing sexy pics on Instagram!

8. Beniada Jakic

Beniada Jakic is a model who is setting shows a light in Milan! She is also the granddaughter of former Albanian president Bujar Nishani.

9. Roza Lati

Roza Lati is a famous pop singer. She is known for her wild outfits and sexy Instagram posts!

10. Nora Istefi

Nora Istefi is not just one of the hottest Albanian women on the planet, she is also an amazing singer.

White Lightning
White Lightning