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Password reset request generates an email from your device that contains your Internet Protocol address.

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When you post a remark, the content and its information are saved internally. It allows the team to notice and identify your profile immediately. The system is particularly helpful for users who decide to post more comments. In such cases, they will not need to enter the same details again and wait for comment approval in the queue like the first comment.

We save the details provided by users who sign up with us in their website profiles. It helps users to view and modify data and also delete if needed any time they want. However, changing the user name is not possible. Furthermore, besides the user the back end team also has access to the user information and hence can see the updates if made.

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All users have the right to request access to their data files we have of them. These files have the entire data history we had collected of them during their website journey from day one which is saved with us. It generally includes account information if the user has a registered account with us and/or the comments they might have posted. After viewing the file, all users have the right to request removal of data if they are not ok to share with us or to the internet. While we are bound to process the request, we will not be touching the data required and saved for legal, security, and administrative purposes.

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