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Polish Mail Order Brides: The Fairest European Ladies For Marriage

Most Polish brides have a good education, so these women will be both smart and erudite.
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Polish ladies looking for marriage are some of the most attractive women in all of Eastern Europe. Most of them look as if they come from an old fairytale, with their fair hair, eyes, and skin. Like so many Eastern European women, Polish girls have soft, exquisite beauty. Their mild faces may lack the striking contrasts you see in South America and Asia, but their soft looks claw deep into many men’s hearts. A typical Polish bride looks like a damsel to be cherished and protected.

But their real worth and beauty lay within. A cute face is not the only treasure a Polish mail order bride possesses. The most important trait that makes these women such amazing life partners is their devotion to their families — most importantly, husbands and children.

There are way more reasons to consider a Poland girl for marriage if you are the kind of man who wants a happy nuclear family with a loving wife. Take a better look at some interesting cultural facts about these girls in the paragraphs below.

Why Polish brides are ideal partners in marriage?

Polish Brides

A Polish marriage is something locals, both men and women, treat with all seriousness. While divorces are not exactly frowned upon these days, most Polish people want to build a family that lasts, which is why they do not jump to any rash decision especially when such serious aspects are involved. This is a culture that places high value on traditional heterogeneous family relations, and even though Poles are tolerant and accepting of different opinions on the subject, they still want to run family the good old-fashioned way.

For this reason, a Polish wife will see supporting her husband as her primary responsibility. If you are looking for a life partner you can always rely on, a Polish woman will always have your back. In this regard, Poles are quite similar to their neighbors Ukrainians. Indeed Polish and Ukrainian women share a lot of traits in common became the cultural, historic, and linguistic roots go way back. But at the same time, you should not confuse these two similar, but still different ethnic groups. Polish women are way more proud and independent, even though they are ready to show their soft feminine side to their husbands.

Another reason to consider searching for a wife in Polish land is that these women are very kind and caring. When they get married, they hope to get married for life. Still, they understand that happy marriages call for a lot of work on both sides, and they are definitely prepared to do their part. Most women in this culture understand the importance of compromises and their generally non-conflicting spirit makes them natural-born diplomats and negotiators. There will be no ill-tempered gestures in a Polish marriage, and your wife will always be prepared to search for solutions that work best for the two of you.

Characteristic Personality Features of Polish Brides

Most Polish brides have a good education, so these women will be both smart and erudite. Poland is a reading nation, so a woman from this culture will have at least superficial knowledge of various subjects. She will always be able to carry on an excellent, witty conversation; so, you will never get bored with a woman like this.

Another thing most men notice about Polish mail brides right away is how friendly these women are. They are kind and hospitable, always ready to tell you about their culture and ask questions about yours. These girls have very curious minds, and they never let an opportunity to learn something new slip through their fingers. This once again explains why these ladies are such excellent conversation partners.

The vast majority of people in Poland are Roman-Catholic and even though they are not fanatically devout, Christian values do matter here. The chances are that your Polish bride will be a forgiving, caring woman but keep in mind that any forgiveness has its limits. For example, Polish girls hardly ever cheat when in a relationship and they will expect the same from their boyfriends.

Most Polish women are very proud of their history and origin but there is little arrogance in this pride. Still, these ladies do understand their own worth and are looking for someone who would respect their opinions, personalities, and achievements. They will happily reciprocate this respect but it is up to a man to make the first step and be the leader in the relationship. While Polish women brides are not submissive or docile, they gladly play the second fiddle to their husbands. After all, being a leader is a huge responsibility and Polish women are always happy to assign this chore to men.

What Else Makes a Polish Mail Order Bride the Best Wife?

Polish Brides

Besides kindness and fidelity, a sexy Polish wife will also give you the best advice when you need it. As already mentioned, these women are both smart and beautiful, and their natural wisdom makes them perfect partners in life and in marriage.

Despite their soft looks, Polish brides are stronger than they look and have what it takes to fight for the interests of their families if such a need arises. You already know that they value families, but you would be surprised to find out just how much they’re ready to sacrifice for the people they love. And the best part is — in Polish culture, in-law relations are as important as blood family ties. So, if you do find a Polish wife and make a home with her, you can stay certain that she will try her best to become a part of your family that came before her.

When it comes to raising children, Polish wives are attentive and caring mothers. At the same time, they do not smother kids with love or set unrealistically high expectations for them. Polish mothers want their kids to live a good life and get educated but they also want them to be happy and have a good childhood. Besides, they try to reach independence and responsibility from a young age — especially when raising boys.

Finally, most Polish wives are simply amazing homemakers who take great pride in keeping their homes clean and cooking healthy foods. Well, to be fair, some national Polish dishes will have quite a lot of calories in them, but the good news is that you will need all that energy in the bedroom because Polish girls can be more passionate than they seem.

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What Qualities Do Polish Brides Want to See in Their Men?

Like most women, no matter where they come from, Polish mail order brides are looking for a loving man who would know how to support their family. They do not expect the man to be the only breadwinner because these ladies are always ready to chip in. Still, they want a man they can rely on — for example, when they are on maternity leave and cannot chip in as much as they used. So, the ‘living with mother, drinking beer, and playing video games’ man is most definitely not their type.

Most Polish women for marriage are interested in men who are kind and affectionate, but not weak or whiny. They appreciate strength and confidence, but to a reasonable extent because, unlike Latin women, they have little tolerance for flashy displays of masculinity. If you want to win the heart of a Polish lady, you will have to listen and remember what she says. They, like most other women, appreciate being pampered now and then, but if you are to give your lady presents, these presents should rather be meaningful. The price tag is not that important in this equation.

Since so many Polish brides are religious, they are looking for a husband who wouldn’t cheat on them. Fidelity is an essential part of Polish marriage, so if you are not done with partying yet, it is not the right time to be looking for a bride in this country. What you may see as a meaningless frolic, will mostly look like full-scale treason in your wife’s eyes.

Finally, most Polish ladies looking for marriage hope to find a man who is good with kids. You will not be expected to babysit them 24/7, but you should display equal interest in the child’s education and upbringing.

Where to Meet Single Polish Women On-Site?

Polish Brides

Poland is quite a large country by European standards, and there are plenty of tourist attractions worth a visit besides the gorgeous Polish brides. You will find plenty of women at the local sites and castles because the Polish are proud of their history and travel their own country as eagerly as they travel the globe. If you want to entrust your wife search to fate, you should probably start with the largest cities, like Warsaw (the capital), or go to historic towns like Krakow, Poznan, Zakopane, etc. Even if you do not meet your bride there, you will still take plenty of stunning photos and get some of the best memories.

Another reason to consider major cities is that the nightlife is buzzing in Poland. Here, you will have a vast choice of cafes and pubs, as well as nightclubs. Polish girls are easy-going, so you can chat with them in any of those places — if, of course, they are not already on a date.

A typical Poland girl for marriage will lead an active lifestyle — hiking, riding, and even diving in the Baltic Sea are some of the common activities in this country. But still, when you try to chat up strange women on-site, there is always a chance to come off as a stalker. Plus, you cannot always tell if the girl is non-committed or even looking for commitment in the first place. And that, once again, brings us to Polish marriage agency sites where single, family-focused women create profiles to meet eligible men.

Pros & Cons Of Online Vs Offline Dating

Many activities have shifted online these days, and dating is not an exception. And, just like all things in life, looking for love online has both an upside and downside. So, what are the pros and cons of flirting with Polish brides online?


  • A chance to meet thousands of gorgeous women from all over the world
  • You can take as much time as you need before making any commitments
  • There is a chance to get to know each other really well before meeting for the first time
  • Each party’s dating intentions are clear right from the start, which eliminates all ambiguity
  • Paying the site’s communication fees is often cheaper than taking women out in real-time


  • Not all women can be entirely honest about their detains intentions
  • Some accounts can be fake, so you need to take extra care
  • No one can say for sure if the online romance will click in real-time
  • Things may progress slower than you hope

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Don't Waste Your Time! The Brides are Waiting for You Here

Single Zoya in Moscow, Russia
Zoya, 31
Location: Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Sales Representative
Children: Yes
About me

Message meee! We swear I am not saying that desperate! I’m obsessed with all things build. When we date I could make you particular build tips to suit your place! I’m hook fitness nut and have always been dedicated to with my day eco-friendly smoothie and you will likely to morning pilates. Don’t worry if you would like to sleep in, I vow never to wake your! In addition choose cook and simply meet up with friends. I am pretty laid back and only want to fit into the new circulate.

Single Ksenia in Ufa, Russia
Ksenia, 23
Location: Ufa, Russia
Occupation: Content-creator
Children: No
About me

I am not saying your own typical lady. Regardless of if I’m very challenging and just have grand preparations to possess the long run one doesn’t suggest We don’t have enough time for an individual unique. I’m a chance-getter and want to get the absolute very out of lifestyle. I am constantly full of energy and my friends therefore i was such as for example a special canine, constantly moving off the structure. If you’re able to put up with my wildness, I am most compassionate as well as have a massive center prepared to complete for the ideal individual!

Single Masha in Ternopil, Ukraine
Masha, 25
Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Occupation: Underwear model
Children: No
About me

I am a young and you will separate girl! I am not saying trying to find people to manage myself but am in search of special someone. I’m confident, sometimes a tiny serious but nonetheless like to have a great some time and joke as much as. We have a huge cardio and you can was willing to afin de they away to own men that knows simple tips to eliminate myself correct! My appeal try cooking (We result in the finest home made pizzas) and you can decorate. If you’re looking for over a pretty face be able to message me personally!

Single Rita in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
Rita, 27
Location: Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
Occupation: Makeup master
Children: No
About me

I am a young and you can separate girl! I am not shopping for someone to manage me personally however, have always been looking for that special someone. I am convinced, sometimes a little intense yet still choose to have a very good time and joke to. I’ve a large heart and you can in the morning prepared to pour they out having men who knows how exactly to treat me personally proper! My passion is actually cooking (We make the greatest do-it-yourself pizzas) and you can painting. If you are searching for more than a pretty deal with end up being liberated to message myself!

Where Can You Meet Polish Mail Order Brides Online?

Polish Brides

  1. EasternHoneys – Tons of gorgeous Slavic brides from Western and Eastern Europe
  2. AnastasiaDate – Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian brides looking to find the men of their dreams
  3. OrchidRomance – Worldwide dating service aimed to connect single men and women looking for love
  4. AmourFeel – Site emphasizing open-hearted communication with interesting people
  5. LoveFort – Huge database of single people looking for love and casual friendship
  6. JollyRomance – Cute Eastern European girls looking for their perfect men abroad
  7. AmourFactory – International communication and a chance to connect with anyone worldwide


EasternHoneys is a site for meeting Slavic beauties for Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. Here, you will find a lot of beautiful Polish brides looking for their perfect husbands abroad. The platform offers different communication means, including instant chat and video calls. Most profiles are verified and the registration for men is real quick.


This site also casts a slightly wider net, introducing you to women from different Slavic countries. While it is mostly dominated by Russian women, you can still find quite a few eligible singles from Poland. The site is feature-rich, beautifully designed, and offers plenty of perks, such as local gift delivery and translation services. Most accounts are real and the fake ones generally get suspended on the first notice.


Instead of targeting Slavic and Eastern European women, this site operates all around the globe. It does have a lot of advanced search filters that can narrow down your search location, along with other traits you would like to see in a wife. Most people here are looking for something serious, but casual flirting is also acceptable.


Most users on AmourFeel are looking for romance and friendship, but the site itself first of all emphasizes the need to chat with interesting people, not necessarily with the intention of starting a family. Here, you will find a lot of single profiles from all over the world and lots of communication options to chat with women, no matter if those women are Polish or Chinese brides.


Another international site that does not necessarily connect people in marriage. LoveFort welcomes all kinds of dating intentions, from casual friendly chat to love and marriage, along with anything that goes between these two. The registration is quick and easy, and the database of users to mingle with is very large. The site offers various communication means and has a moderate pricing policy.


JollyRomance mostly covers Eastern Europe, so you will find a lot of Polish mail order brides on this site and will not be distracted by profiles from Asia and Africa. The audience is friendly and always ready to chat, even though not all girls here are anxious to get married. Lots of them are serious about committing, but some are just for casual chats. In any way, you will have plenty of profiles to choose from and you will get a good look into the Eastern European mentality.


AmourFactory is another website that does not have any restrictions on its users’ dating intentions and nationality. This site offers a truly international mix of people looking to chat, have fun, make new friends, and if they are lucky, fall in love and get married. Still, this is not the site where women will tell you how many kids they want during the first chat. On AmourFactory, most users want to start with something a bit more casual and stress-free.

Some Fun Polish Wedding Traditions

Polish Brides

Since most of the population is Roman-Catholic, traditional Polish wedding happens in the church, even though a civil registration in the City Hall is also acceptable. The wedding reception features a combination of different Western and Eastern European wedding traditions. For example, when marrying Slavic woman, the bride and groom are offered bread and salt. The bread symbolized wealth, while the salt is a symbol of the hardships life will always throw in the couple’s way. The bread and salt offering wishes the couple good luck in overcoming those hardships.

One more fun tradition at a Polish wedding is the bride’s father offering the newlywed two glasses. One would contain water, the other one — vodka. A bride will have to choose one, without knowing which glass contains what, and the groom will take the other. Both have to drink their glasses at one go and throw them behind their backs. If the glasses smash into pieces, this is considered good luck for the couple. Also, the one who gets vodka in a glass is rumored to be the true leader and decision-maker in the couple.

There are plenty of other fun games at the Polish wedding reception which is usually a loud affair with lots of eating, drinking, and dancing. The bride will generally remove the veil by the end of the reception and she will also throw her bouquet for the unmarried girls to try and catch it.

As for traditional wedding clothes, most modern Polish brides opt either for a classic western dress or choose a pastel-shaded gown. Traditionally, Slavic wedding attire included lots of beads and flowers, but very few brides these days get married in a folk dress, choosing a Western gown instead.


Do Polish girls make good wives?

Yes, if your definition of a good wife means a beautiful, smart, and mild-tempered woman who would love her husband and take excellent care of her children. Of course, your Polish wife will have other personality traits, too; so, the actual answer to this question will depend on the woman you choose to marry.

Can I really mail order bride from Poland?

No, you cannot literally ‘add a bride to cart’ to have her delivered to your doorstep. The ‘mail order bride’ term stands for a single or divorced woman who creates a profile on international dating sites hoping to find a good husband abroad and possibly relocate to his country after the wedding. But that doesn’t mean that any woman on mail order brides sites will marry the first man who ‘orders’ her — no, it’s all reciprocal and voluntary.

Will my Polish wife want a divorce once she settles?

As part of the European Union, Poland is a well-off country so it is very unlikely that Polish brides are after foreign visas. How long your marriage will last and how happy it will depend only on the couple in question. But it is very unlikely that Polish singles have other intentions besides romance and starting a family.

Are all Polish brides dating sites legit?

Most of them are, but you still need to take care before you pay any subscription fees or buy any communication credits. Take some time to read other people’s reviews before joining the site, check out the credentials, and try to make full use of the free trial version. Then you can decide if a particulate dating site is worth your time.

How can I buy a Polish wife?

You do not literally buy any women — not in Poland, not anywhere else. The whole point of international dating is to register with the site to start meeting foreign ladies. Then, it is up to you to decide just how far your online relationships go. What you usually pay for is the communication means you use to chat with the legible brides. You do not actually buy the brides — you only pay the site’s communication fees.

If I marry in Poland, will the US recognize the marriage?

Eventually, yes. It will take some time and some paperwork (check out the exact requirements with your state’s foreign office), but all marriages done in the EU are also legal in the US. After some time, your Polish wife should get her green card.

How long does it take to find a Polish wife on marriage sites?

No one can say that for sure. Generally, most men spend around a year (sometimes a year and a half) before they find the woman they want to settle with. But a lot will also depend on your luck, as well as on your expectations from a bride.


Polish women are some of the most beautiful, fair-looking girls in Eastern Europe, but this is not what makes them such amazing wives and mothers. These girls are strongly attached to their families — not just blood kin but also in-laws. They are supportive partners and caring lovers who often put their family’s happiness above their own. If you do not abuse this charming selfless trait and cherish your Polish wife as she deserves to be cherished, your marriage will truly be happy and blissful. And lots of single Polish girls are already waiting for you on international dating platforms!

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