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Iceland Women: A Description in Few Words

If you would like to imagine the typical Icelandic women, you may remember the shield-maidens from traditional Viking legends.
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Top Island Cities With Brides Java, Honshū, Great Britain, Luzon, Sumatra, Madagascar, Mindanao, Taiwan, Salsette, Borneo
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $3900
Success Rate 66%
Divorce Rate 27%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇨🇭Switzerland,🇦🇺Australia

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When someone is speaking about European females, they will hardly mention Iceland women. But it’s in vain. There are lots of exciting and appealing things that you may know about these ladies. Iceland is considered to be the most Western country but with a small territory. The general population of this country is about 350 thousand people. Some online dating communities have a much larger number of subscribers than the whole population of Iceland. Hence, the choice among the native residents of the country may be meager. That is why Icelandic women will be glad to meet some foreigners. There are lots of cultural traditions which make such relationships acceptable among their residents. It is due to the fact that women there don’t experience any burden or oppression from the society and male representatives of the country. Women there are rather independent, and often they dictate the rules which may be established in their relationships. Since they are living in their severe climate, their characters become strong and robust. They demonstrate their confidence in their actions and decisions. When comparing Iceland women to Pakistani mail order brides, you will see that females from this European country are much more independent. What to say when about half of the Icelandic parliament is comprised of women. At the same time, they are extremely beautiful. Sometimes, it is challenging to build the typical appearance of women there, but the mixture of different ethnicities makes them appealing and beautiful. That is why if you still hesitate about the necessity to date ladies Iceland, go on reading our description and get to know all the pitfalls of these charming girls and how to date them.

What Are the Main Features of Icelandic Women’s Appearance?

meet Island womenFor the majority of people, appearance plays the primary role when choosing a potential match for relationships. Fortunately, Iceland ladies for marriage do not have any problems with attractiveness. Their facial features and body complexion are rather gorgeous. They are no less beautiful than Eastern European brides, although the latter is considered to be one of the most beautiful women worldwide. But Iceland women show other features that make them unique and unforgettable for males worldwide. Let’s mention some of the most striking features of their appearance.

They Are High

If you would like to imagine the typical Icelandic women, you may remember the shield-maidens from traditional Viking legends. Mentioning Scandinavian myths will not be an exaggeration here because their general image seemed to remain and was inherited by the nowadays female residents of Iceland. The average height of Iceland women is about 165 centimeters. When speaking, for example, about hot American women, the average height among American females is 161 cm. Hence, Icelandic female residents appear in the list of the top 25 tallest females worldwide. So, if you’re dreaming about a tall girlfriend, Iceland should be your choice.

Blond Hair

It’s not a stereotype that the majority of females in Iceland have blond hair. Indeed it’s stereotypical, but it’s true. Of course, not all of them are blond. But their pale complexity makes them unique and beautiful. This trait makes them look like goddesses from their North mythology, where the tall and blond-hair female warriors were defending their land. This makes them even more attractive because it adds some character. The statistics say that many of the most beautiful women originated from Iceland.

Blue Eyes

If you once look into the eyes of Icelandic women, you will never forget them. Their charming blue eyes are unforgettable. They are as blue as seas around their country and like a sky above. Many foreigners fall in love with these ladies when they only see their beautiful eyes.

Beautiful and Silky Skin

The Nordic heritage has brought uniqueness to their feminine bodies. In teh majority of cases, their skin is pale and light. The perfect skin of Iceland women was given to them by nature but also due to the fact that they care about their skin. For this, they use various creams and herbal means that it’s silky and nice to the touch. Their meals have enough fish in them, which is extremely healthy for their skin and hair. But we will not be prejudiced and will say that the number of dark-skinned Icelandian females is significant because mixed-race marriages are the normal practice there.

Athletic Body Complexion

When you look at the Iceland women for dating, you will see slim but strong ladies in front of you. Despite the fact that their bodies look strong and athletic, they are rather feminine. Their severe climate doesn’t allow them to be too skinny. Their natural strength irradiates a powerful magnetism that you would like to approach closer to these girls and get acquainted with them. It seems that they may lead your relationships to success. But again, it is not an axiom. You may meet various body types here in Iceland. Just start your search, and you will certainly find what you’re looking for.

Why Your Choice Should Stop On Iceland Women?

In every situation, the choice of something is determined by the presence of positive traits or characteristics. When speaking about Iceland female representatives, there is no doubt that they have more than enough beneficial traits, which cannot but are appealing to men worldwide. The combination of perfect physiology traits and the depth of their inner world makes them perfect wives and mail-order brides. In this respect, they are close to Brazilian hot women who have a fire both in their appearance and character. Their temperament allows them to look like self-efficient women and sexy and desirable partners. That is why if you still hesitate whether to date Iceland women or not, you should look through our review, and all the doubts will disappear immediately. When you decide to date girls from Iceland, you will get an extremely beautiful partner near you and a caring potential wife. The majority of Iceland women’s reviews underline that these girls are perfect mothers and housekeepers. When they care about the cosiness of your home, you will want to return there every moment. Even in a foreign country, they are able to create a sheltered spot so that you will feel like you are in the house where you grew up. Now, let’s look through all of the positive traits in more detail below.

Characteristic Peculiarities of Iceland Women

If you are looking for Iceland women to marry, you should know exactly what is appealing in them for you. Of course, you should not be guided only by your physical appearance. It is only when you are looking for a one-night stand (which is also possible with Island women). But when you are planning to marry, it is advisable to know about the inner traits of these girls. And, frankly speaking, they are worth being considered. That is why let’s go to research, which is the inner world of Iceland ladies for marriage

They Are Healthy

Sometimes, we tend to forget that outer experience is the reflection of the inner well-being of each body. When describing Island women, one should underline their perfect health. This factor is important because it will determine the health and well-being of your future children if you decide to create a family. There are many things that help them to stay healthy even in the most unfavorable conditions. The meal they eat is full of vitamins and microelements. Additionally, they wear warm and stylish, at the same moment, clothes in order to be secure from the outer cold climate. Also, beautiful Iceland girls exercise a lot. They prefer doing this on a regular basis. This is one of the factors why women’s sports teams from Iceland take first place in international contests. From this side, they are close to Norwegian women for marriage.

They Are Independent

Girls from Iceland are strong both physically and mentally. They bring their national spirit. They are chilled by the environment they live in, and thus, they are ready for any punch from life. The Iceland women are capable of solving the majority of their troubles. You will not have to decide something instead of her. Sometimes, they cope with the troubles even faster. The statistics say that even when these ladies are single mothers, they continue their life and remain to be successful. That is why with these girls, you will be able to build a strong and stable family.

Icelandic women are very strong-willed and self-confident. This trait of them goes back to the good old days when women alone managed the estate and household and waited for the return of their men from the sea (and sometimes they never did).

They Do Not Deny One-Night Stands

No one is surprised by the fact that in those areas of Iceland where foreigners appeared many years ago, dark-haired and dark-eyed children now live. One place on the east coast even has an eloquent name – Congo. This is another proof of the free and non-sanctimonious attitude towards sex that has always existed on the island. From time immemorial, sex has been viewed as a forgivable prank and a pleasant pastime, something that happens after the lights go out. That is why Iceland women are not only looking for serious relationships. They also would like to have fun and have a pleasant time. Many American hot girls have the same attitude to the question of free relationships and one-night stands.

They Do Not Like Excessive Noice

Icelandic women will not be of your choice if you prefer noisy companies and like to spend time in places with too many people. They would like to spend their free time in a calm atmosphere with their loved ones. These women perfectly know their price and will not allow anybody to humiliate them or oppress them. Their independent character will not allow anybody to behave toward them in a rude manner. The only outcome from this will be the cessation of relationships. If there are some arguments, they would rather stop dating instead of spending their nerves on showdowns.

They Are Good Mothers

Icelandic women possess themselves as good mothers and family-oriented wives. They like to spend time with their children. Iceland women feel a great responsibility toward their children. They try to give them everything they can in order to ensure their material well-being and good educational background. Like Ukrainian wives, Icelandic mothers try to imprint customs and traditions of their country upon their children in order to bring up good citizens.

Iceland women demonstrate independence in actions and decisions. Hence, they have enough strengths to maintain the household alone. However, if you expect a good relationship with yourself, it will be necessary to demonstrate participation in household activities. Their choice will be on the side of equal partnership, where both a husband and a wife are mutually respected inside a family. Only such families are beneficial for children. That is why Islandic women being rather good mothers, will seek such relationships.

They Long Get Used to the New

To a certain extent, Islandic women are conservative. They have time to get used to somebody ew before allowing them to enter their whole life. If you are planning the Iceland women date, you should not expect that you will be accepted immediately. They will have to evaluate you for some time and understand whether you are worse dating. The same thing is in society in general. You may be a foreigner for a long time, but when you are accepted by people, you will be like a family member to them. So, many will depend on you and your behavioral patterns.

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Ottawa, Canada
Ivana, 29
Zagreb, Croatia
Vienna, Austria
Anna, 34
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, French

Where You Will Certainly Meet Iceland Women?

Apart from knowing their characteristic features and their appearance, it is necessary to know where to meet single girls from Iceland. Icelandic women do not differ significantly from the other women in the world. They may prefer the same locations and the same places to spend their free time. Many of their public places are full of girls, especially during non-working hours. Despite the relatively cold climate in their country, there are many places to visit in Iceland. Many of the working places are located near historical places of interest. That is why foreign men may be engaged in sightseeing and meet beautiful Icelandic girls at the same time. Local cafes, restaurants, and libraries are full of local girls to meet. The nightlife is also vivid there, especially when speaking about weekends. Iceland women are also waiting to meet their potential partners. That is why they visit local nightclubs, where among guests, it is possible to meet many foreigners. The other working approach is to meet Icelandic women online. There are many dating websites where local girls are rather active and responsive. Thus, it is necessary to look through all the possible places and means to meet local girls in more detail below.

Island women dating

Cities That Ensure Meeting the Icelandic Women

If you don’t know where to meet Iceland women, you will not be mistaken if you visit cities that are most populated. The chances of meeting somebody extremely beautiful and charming are high. These cities are the following:

  1. Reykjavik. It’s the capital and the largest city in Iceland. Of course, it’s smaller than other European cities, but it has lots to offer. Its volcanic nature is extremely beautiful, and you will certainly want to visit those places. Local beaches and ponds are worth visiting. The chances of meeting hot girls there are high. Many interesting museums are open for visitors as well.
  2. Kópavogur. This city is the second largest in Iceland. It was named after the famous local legends. Thus, there are dozens of places of interest that are full of exciting facts. The city park of Kopavogur has a large pond where Iceland women love spending their free time. Also, there are famous local bars with a vivid atmosphere.
  3. Hafnarfjörður. Yes, it’s another famous city in Iceland. For English-speaking people, it’s difficult to spell, but this city is worth visiting. This place is a famous industrial center. Also, there are many geothermal ponds, which are both beneficial for health and pleasant to visit. Many local Icelandic women love spending time there. Many cultural festivals are held there. For example, Viking Festival is a good place to meet Iceland women.

Favotite Placees for Iceland Women to Visit

Bars, Pubs, and Nightclubs.

Many large cities in Iceland will offer a significant variety of bars and pubs to meet beautiful local women. Many of them are decorated with traditional motives. The Viking motive is the most widespread there. The atmosphere is engaging there.

  • Slippbarinn – it’s the most famous bar in Iceland’s capital. There are lots of crafted drinks there with an authentic taste.
  • Kaffibarinn – it’s a famous club in Reykjavik. The drive dance music and full bars are offered for visitors.
  • Paloma – a famous Viking Bar in the capital. Many locals and tourists are always there.
  • Publin and Moe’s Bar – famous and highly visited bars in Kópavogur.


We cannot but mention these places because there is at least one that is worth visiting.

  • Phallological Museum. It’s the most famous museum in the whole of Iceland. It displays the penises of all mammals which live or live in Iceland. This place is very attractive for youngsters. That is why one may meet many beautiful Icelandic women there.

Shopping centers.

What can be the most attractive place for young girls? Of course, it’s shopping malls, where they buy clothes, various adornments, and other things for their homes. At the same time, there are many places for having a pleasant time, such as cinemas.

  • Kringlan Mall in the capital
  • Grímsbær Mall in the capital
  • Smáratorg Tower in Kópavogur
  • In Austurströnd, there is Eiðistorg Shopping Mall


Iceland has extremely beautiful nature. There are many places where it’s pleasant to breathe fresh air and listen to the sounds of the surroundings.

  • Steaming Reykjadalur Valley – the famous geothermal field in Iceland.
  • The Sun Voyager – a famous statue in the beech of Reykjavik
  • The Pond – a very beautiful place in the very center of Reykjavik. There are hundreds of beautiful Iceland women around this lake.

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Which Dating Sites Are Visited by Islandic Women?

Island female

  1. Victoria Hearts – a place for finding girls from Western European countries.
  2. Dating.com – is the best platform for those looking for serious relationships.
  3. Valentime – is the best dating platform where you must not worry about your security.
  4. OrchidRomance – is the best place for building connections and relationships with women worldwide, including Iceland women.

If you would like to meet Icelandic women online, you may try the websites mentioned above. Icelandic women are eager to meet handsome foreigners. That is why they are rather active on dating platforms. Let’s look through the features of these dating communities.

Victoria Hearts

  • A significant number of subscribers are males who are looking for beautiful European ladies.
  • The advanced search filter is helpful in finding Iceland ladies for marriage.
  • The website implements advanced security measures and encryption for the subscribers’ data.
  • However, scammers find routes on how to cheat the system.
  • There is no mobile application, but the website is mobile-friendly.
  • To use the platform, it is necessary to buy credits.


  • This community is for those looking for Iceland ladies for marriage. Serious relationships are a priority here.
  • Android users enjoy a well-developed mobile application.
  • Instant chats and video calls facilitate communication.
  • The support department is rather responsive.
  • You can try some features for free in the beta version.
  • The use of the platform is possible with the credits you should buy.


  • It’s a community for singles all over the world.
  • The male/female distribution is 50/50.
  • To attract the attention of Iceland women, you may send them gifts and winks.
  • Only registered users have access to women’s profiles.
  • There is no mobile application.

Important Tips for Dating With Islandic Women

Island women personals

When you are looking for Iceland women for dating, you should learn at least basic things about the cultural background of these girls and what they like. So, if you would like to impress Icelandic women, follow the next tips:

  • Don’t show off and be yourself. Never try to demonstrate that you are better than you are. Iceland women prefer natural communication. Sooner or later, they will understand your natural essence. So, be yourself from the very beginning, and you will never disappoint. Just be confident in your actions: girls there love foreigners.
  • Think critically and extraordinarily. Girls in Iceland think differently than sexy French girls, for example, do. Iceland women prefer the combination of privacy and public activities. Try to find something extraordinary where you will be able to have a pleasant time together. Be various and offer different activities. They will surely agree.
  • Forget about artificial chivalry. Don’t try to be a mommy or daddy to your girlfriend. You should not always present her with expensive gifts or millions of roses. This does not work for them. Act according to your capabilities and just be kind.
  • Don’t rush things. Do not be in a hurry. Slow down your passion, and you will receive a pleasant outcome in the end. They don’t like clingy guys.
  • Be attentive and privately romantic. Liberated Icelanders never “wheedle” their chosen ones. A clear “yes” or “no” – that’s all courtship there. They rarely offer a cup of coffee before sex. There, it is a sign of gratitude. So they serve coffee after the bed scene. Because of this attitude towards sex, Icelandic women simply adore foreign men who spend half the night pleasing the ladies and only then move on to the main thing.
  • Show attention to their culture and language. There are many interesting things in their culture. Their language is rather difficult, but if you master at least several phrases, Icelandic women will appreciate this and will be more interested in speaking with you.


Island women are a completely new experience, even though they are representatives of European culture. If you have heard something about the Islandic mythology and description of females there, we may say that it’s absolutely applicable to the nowadays girls from Iceland. These tall, beautiful ladies with blond hair and blue eyes cannot but attract the attention of males around. They love respect towards them, and if you offer it, then you will receive a lovely wife and caring mother for your future children. But in many cases, they won’t refuse a one-night stand with you if you manage to find some correct words and you are handsome and caring. Be yourself, and Iceland ladies for marriage will pay their attention to you.

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