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How to Meet & Date Gorgeous Austrian Women

Sexy Austrian girls have fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. There are also many cute Austrian wives with light brown hair and brown eyes.
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Sexy Austrian women are known for their long flowing blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and old-world European sophistication. Once you win the heart of these girls they are yours forever and have a deeply caring side. In this article, we will show you why so many men want to date Austrian women and how you can find your perfect wife!

Why Are Austrian Women So Hot?

Sexy Austrian Women

These women have a classic Germanic and Nordic beauty. Sexy Austrian girls have fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. There are also many cute Austrian wives with light brown hair and brown eyes. They tend to be tall and naturally athletic with slim builds.

Skin Complexion

Austrian girlshave smooth and milky fair skin. They have similar skin to German women. Even though Beautiful Austrian women go very pale in the winter, they can still develop great tans in the winter. Most women want to be tanned, so they take sunbathing very seriously.

Body Type

Austrian women are tall, slim, and athletic. They tend to be more petite than Swedish or sexy Danish girls. They aren’t very curvy and tend to have average to below-average breasts. These women have long slim legs and tend to be toned. The average female is 5 ft 4.5 inches (166 cm) and weighs 150 pounds (68 kg). You can find a range of body types in this country, from short and curvy to thin and tall, but most women have a lovely athletic slim figure similar to hot German women!

Hair Color

20% to 30% of hot Austrian wives are blonde. The majority of women have light brown hair, with a minority having dark brown hair. Women tend to have dirty blonde hair, and bright blonde is much rarer among Austrian wives than in sexy Swedish women. These girls tend to have hair that is fine and very soft!

Eye Color

Most beautiful Austrian women have blue eyes or green eyes. Brown eyes are also common. The typical woman has pale blue eyes combined with dirty brown hair.Bright blue eyes are rare, and so are dark brown eyes.

Facial Features

Austrian girls have a classic central European look. They look like a mixture of Germanic/Nordic and Mediterranean. Beautiful Austrian women are not as pale as hot Finnish women and not nearly as tanned as the Mediterranean. They typically have pale blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Hot Austrian women have medium cheekbones, medium noses, a strong chin and jawline, and a square-shaped head.


Austrian girls are reserved and a little cold to strangers. You will need to penetrate their outer shell if you want to get them to open up. Once you get to know them, they have a sophisticated and traditional side. Beautiful Austrian women are proud of their country’s history and love to explore art and museums. They appreciate deep conversations and enjoy talking about a range of different topics. Hot Austrian wives keep their social circle small and are not particularly outgoing. They do have a caring and gentle side and when they let their hair down, they enjoy being silly.


Over 50% of sexy Austrian women under 35 have a university degree just like hot German women. This country also has one of the best education systems in the world! The result is nearly all women are highly educated and fluent in English. If you are looking for a wife who can discuss a range of topics and is a fantastic conversationalist, marry an Austrian!


Austrian wives are very independent and are serious about building a career. Most women, especially from big cities, tend to be feminists and believe in making their own money. While you can still find lots of traditional women, they are becoming rarer. Nowadays, many women dream of high-powered careers in tech, finance, medicine, and engineering.


Women are not as close to their families as in other cultures. Austrians also have smaller families than other nations and do not have close ties to their extended family. If you marry a beautiful Austrian girl, you won’t have to endure many awkward family gatherings and won’t be expected to spend every second with her parents.

Most women want children, but they typically want small families. And while they do have a caring side, they won’t obsess over their children as much as some other cultures. They tend to have a more logical and pragmatic parenting style/

Cooking Skills

These women are not famous for their cooking skills like Italian women, but they are more than capable of whipping up some incredible meals! Sexy Austrian women will have no problems cooking you a mind-blowingly tasty schnitzel and then serving you a to die for apple strudel! However, be prepared that Austria is a much more liberal country these days, and your wife may expect you to help in the kitchen, especially if she has an intensive career.

Interesting Stats About Hot Austrian Women

Want to become an expert in hot Austrian women? Then check out these facts!

  • 57% of women are Catholic – Chrisitianity is much stronger in Austria than it is in neighboring Germany. If you marry a sexy Austrian woman  you might find yourself at church every Sunday.
  • 40% of women are fluent in English – Nearly everywoman can speak at least some English as it is taught in schools. And around 40% are advanced English speakers!
  • Women love Almdudler – Almdudler is a popular soda and is a herbal lemonade. This country produces 80 million liters of the stuff every year!
  • Women love Wiener Schnitzel – Austria’s national dish is Wiener schnitzel which consists of breaded veal which is then fried. This dish is oh so satisfying and if you marry a hot Austrian girl she will cook it multiple times a week!
  • Women lose their virginity at 17 – Women are quite liberal when it comes to sex. The average woman loses her virginity when she is still a teenager!
  • Women on average get married at 30 – Sexy Austrian women are now very career focused and don’t choose to settle down until they hit 30. This number has continued to increase over the years as women like to enjoy their single life.
  • The average Woman has 1.5 children – Hot Austrian wives don’t have a lot of children. Big families are no longer common in Austria and many women don’t want children at all!

Tricks to Dating Sexy Austrian Girls

If you want to win the heart of your princess, you need to wow her on your first date. Use these tips to make a breathtaking first impression!

  1. Never keep her waiting – Women take punctuality very seriously. If you organize to meet at 8 pm, you better arrive 10 mins early because your date will arrive at 8 pm on the dot! There is no bigger turn-off for an Austrian girl than a late partner!
  2. Speak English – Nearly all women are fluent in English, unless you have advanced German skills, it is best to stick to English! At the same time, don’t be afraid to try out the odd German phrase.
  3. Pay for the date – Even though Austria is more liberal than many countries, women will expect you to cover the bill. Don’t even let your date offer to pay! Women want the classic courtship process, and that means you need to pay!
  4. Talk about serious topics – Girls aren’t big fans of small talk. If you want to make a good first impression, don’t be shy about discussing your goals and ambitions or talking about history or art!
  5. Be affectionate – In Austria, it is perfectly fine to display affection in public. While you shouldn’t overdo it, girls will expect you to kiss, cuddle and hold her hand in public!

Remember, girls have a mix of traditional and liberal values. Initially, they are a little reserved, but underneath they have a relaxed personality. If you show up to your date on time, have engaging conversations, pick up the bill and show her some affection, you will earn a spot in her heart!

Best Places to Meet Austrian Women

Beautiful Austrian women don’t want to spend all day sitting at home! If you want to meet incredibly beautiful girls, check out these places:

  • Restaurants – 25% of women eat out at least once a week. This means restaurants are an ideal place to find cute girls!
  • Bars & Nightclubs – Girls may be reserved during the day, but at night they let their hair down! This country has a pumping nightlife, and there is always some event or party going on!
  • Museums and art galleries – Girls are very proud of their country’s culture. You can find lots of girls in the city’s museums and art galleries. There is always a show worth attending!
  • Parks – Cities are absolutely gorgeous, and they are filled with incredible parks. Head to any major park and check out all the hot girls lounging on the benches!
  • Shopping Malls – Women are very chic, and you can find them hitting up the designer boutiques and strolling around shopping malls looking for their next outfit. Vienna has many shopping malls worth checking out!
  • Gyms – Women are quite sporty. They enjoy staying fit by exercising at the gym. Any gym in a major city will be filled with cute girls worth flirting with!
  • Cafes – Cafes are legendary! Girls like nothing more than spending a lazy afternoon in a cafe drinking, eating, and chatting with friends!

Best Hot Women in Austria

Moscow, Russia
Emma, 26
Dublin, Ireland
Helena, 21
Prague, Czech Republic
Ottawa, Canada
Los Angeles, USA
Vilnius, Lithuania

Best Dating Sites to Find AustrianGirls

Hot Austrian Women

Do you want to meet a sexy Austrian girl? Then it is time to create an online dating profile! 40% of Austrian women under 35 have used a dating site. As women are known for being a little cold to strangers, it is no wonder that online dating is so popular! Dating sites are an amazing place to meet a hot Austrian girl because you can instantly connect with thousands of girls without even stepping foot in the country. You can also easily find your dream girl by setting search filters such as age, height, body type, and hair color. Do you want to marry a stunning woman? Then check out these incredible dating sites below:

  1. TheLuckyDate – Sleek modern design, video chat, and instant message, thousands of hotties!
  2. BravoDate – Extensive search filters, personality-based matching, Well designed site, and over 100,000 frequent monthly users!
  3. AnastasiaDate – One of the first international online dating sites, strict verification process and millions of profiles!
  4. Dream Singles – 24/7 customer support, Fast registration process, over 1 million profiles!

1. TheLuckyDate

TheLuckyDate has so many hot Austria women! This is an international dating site that specializes in pairing Western men just like you with stunning exotic women from around the world! This site has millions of profiles and thousands of girls who want to chat with you. TheLuckyDate has far more women than men, so you will have girls fighting over you! The women also have a reply rate of over 90%, so before you know it, your inbox will be overflowing with messages. All women on this site have been verified and are looking for long-term serious relationships. TheLuckyDate works like a standard dating site where you create a basic profile, use search filters to find girls, check out their profiles, and then message the ones you find attractive. To send messages, you need to purchase credits which are super cheap, only $2.99 for 2000. If you are bored of local girls in your town, it is time to expand your horizons with TheLuckyDate and find that cute Austrian girl you deserve!

2. BravoDate

BravoDate is the ideal spot to land a sexy girl! This matchmaking site specializes in connecting Western men with the hottest women in the world. The site has over 100,000 active profiles and girls of every body type and hair color. BravoDate has an awesome matchmaking algorithm that matches you with not only stunning women but girls who gel with your personality. The site has a sleek modern feel, fast loading times, and super simple navigation. It has incredible features, including video chat, instant messenger, verification, virtual gifts, extensive search filters, and 24/7 customer support. You can create a profile for free, but to start messaging girls, you need credits which cost $2.99 for 20. Don’t let your dream wife find another man. Sign up to BravoDate and messenger her now!

3. AnastasiaDate

Did you know AnastasiaDate was one of the first international dating sites? This site originally specialized in connecting Western men and Eastern European women, but now the site is filled with women from all backgrounds, including Austrian! AnastasiaDate has an astonishing 20 million members looking to chat and find their soulmates. The site has excellent 24/7 customer support, a strict verification process, and amazing features, including virtual gifts, video chat, and instant messenger. To start chatting to your princess, you need to purchase credits which start at $15.99 for 20. If you want to meet a gorgeous woman and turn her into your wife, sign up for free at AnastasiaDate!

4. Dream Singles

Dream Singles is one of the most popular international dating sites in the world. It currently has over 1 million active monthly users and more women than you can handle! The site has years of experience matching making Western men with stunning foreign exotic women. They have already helped tens of thousands of Western men meet their dream wife. On Dream Singles, all girls are strictly verified, and girls have a 90% + response rate. If you message 50 girls, you are bound to land some dates and even find your perfect wife. There is a great range of women on this site, and most girls are in their 20s and are super hot. It is free to sign up and view profiles, but to chat with your future wife, you need a premium account. You can upgrade your account for only $9.99 per month! Sign now and connect with a stunning woman!

Austrian women are drop-dead gorgeous with a natural sophistication. They are amazing conversationalists and have a deeply caring side. Marrying a stunning girl is easy, thanks to online dating sites. We have extensively reviewed hundreds of different sites and come up with the very best. At all of our recommended dating sites, you can find thousands of the hottest Austrian women on the planet! Create an account now and start chatting to them today!

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Hot Women Will Make You Feel Special Here

Single Anna in Stockholm, Sweden
Anna, 33
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Business woman
Children: Yes
About me

I’m looking for like and you can in the morning not interested in some thing relaxed. Excite just content me personally when we are on an equivalent web page! I am a motion picture lover and constantly sit in this new prime off the Surprise films. I’m a bit nerdy and you may in the morning somewhat enthusiastic about Cartoon! I am naturally a little bit of a keen introvert and favor quick crowds and you will sitting at home so you’re able to big crazy events. You will find a large cardio and am looking anyone to shower my like which have!

Single Karla in Madrid, Spain
Karla, 23
Location: Madrid, Spain
Occupation: Masseur
Children: No
About me

Is it myself you are interested in? I think I am the perfect catch. I’m smart, precious, caring plus comedy. I’ve been bitten of the take a trip insect and will’t rating an adequate amount of travelling! I am looking a person who usually grab a great back pack and hitchhike because of Europe with me! I am of course adventurous and you can are always upwards to have an excellent date. Everyone loves ingesting a number of cups of drink and you can chuckling the newest nights out. I’m a little bit of a health freak and you may like running.

Single Andrea in Budapest, Hungary
Andrea, 29
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Occupation: Beauty Salon owner
Children: No
About me

I’m trying to find love and you may have always been perhaps not interested in anything everyday. Please just content me personally if we take an identical webpage! I’m a motion picture fan and constantly sit-in the prime out-of the new Surprise video clips. I am a bit nerdy and you may are somewhat enthusiastic about Comic strip! I am however just a bit of a keen introvert and you will like quick crowds of people and you will resting yourself to larger in love activities. I’ve a giant cardiovascular system and in the morning in search of anyone to bath my personal like having!

Single Olivia in Oslo, Norway
Olivia, 22
Location: Oslo, Norway
Occupation: Model
Children: No
About me

I am interested in love! I’m extremely ambitious and now have big desires for the future. I’m a powerful and you can separate young woman who wants to become managed just like the an equal, misogynists don’t annoy chatting myself! We have a huge community away from nearest and dearest and love making up ground together with them more than dining otherwise coffees. I’m constantly smiling and want to find an individual who We can also be joke to which have!

Top 10 Hottest Austrian Girls on Dating Sites

Check 10 of the most beautiful Austrian women who want to score dates right now! All these sexy Austrian women have massive Instagram followers and beautiful looks!

1. Vicky Heiler

Vicky Heiler

  • Lives in Vienna
  • Blogger

Vicky Heiler launched her blog Bikini and Passports back in 2010. Since then she has grown her personal brand and become one of the hottest Austrian bloggers in the world!

2. Catrin Neumayer

Catrin Neumayer

  • Lives in Salzburg
  • Cook & Blogger

She is famous for posting super yummy Austrian recipes to Instagram while wearing sexy outfits. She is more than just a pretty face!

3. Madeleine Daria Alizadeh

Madeleine Daria Alizadeh

  • Lives in Vienna
  • Fashion designer and blogger

Madeleine Daria Alizadeh started off blogging about sustainability and fashion. She then started killing it on Instagram and even launched her very own fashion brand!

4. Nina Radman

Nina Radman

  • Lives in Vienna
  • Blogger

Nina Radman is a lifestyle blogger who loves to share travel and beauty tips. She also enjoys the outdoors!

5.Viktoria Urbanek

Viktoria Urbanek

  • Lives in Linz
  • Travel blogger

Viktoria Urbanek is one of the country’s top travel bloggers. She loves sharing her tips and tricks and also her passion for scuba diving!

6. Silia


  • Lives in Vienna,
  • Blogger

Silia is one of the most popular Viena lifestyle bloggers. She will make you feel like you are walking the amazing streets of Vienna right beside her!

7. Hristina Micevska

Hristina Micevska

  • Lives in Vienna
  • Fashion blogger

Hristina Micevska is one of the country’s top fashion bloggers. She is always collaborating with the world’s leading fashion houses!

8. Tatjana Kreuzmayr

Tatjana Kreuzmayr

  • Lives in Vienna
  • Fashion and lifestyle blogger

Tatjana Kreuzmayr is one hot Austrian girl! She was awarded top Austrian influencer of the year and is known for her supermodel good looks and engaging Instagram posts!

9. Jessica Haller

Jessica Haller

  • Lives in Ibiza
  • Beauty blogger

Jessica Haller is a super hot Austrian woman! She has a massive following who look to the influencer for beauty tips and to be inspired by her luxurious life!

10. Polina Kolz

Polina Kolz

  • Lives in Vienna
  • Model

Polina Kolz is a drop dead gorgeous blonde model. She is always sharing sexy pictures on Instagram and seems to be in a new country every week!

Common Pitfalls When Dating Sexy Austrian Cuties

Hooking up with a sexy Austrian woman is not rocket science. Avoid these mistakes and get your date to fall head over heels in love with you!

  • Don’t forget your manners – These women are sophisticated and take manners seriously. Remember to say please and thank you!
  • Don’t split the bill – Don’t be cheap! When you are out on a date with a beautiful woman you will have to pick up the check!
  • Don’t forget to hold hands and cuddle – These women expect physical attention in public! Remember to hold her hand and hug her!
  • Don’t just discuss boring surface level topics – Sexy women don’t do small talk! Forget about the weather, start diving into deep topics such as your goals, history and art!
  • Put away your phone – Nothing turns an Austrian woman more off than a man who can’t spend an evening away from his phone!
  • Don’t show up underdressed – These women are always very nicely dressed! Don’t show up to your date in just jeans and a t-shirt!

If you avoid these mistakes above, your sexy hot Austrian girl will become obsessed with you! Remember to be yourself and shower her with gifts!


Austrian sexy girls make ideal wives! They have pale blue eyes, long dark blonde hair, and slim athletic bodies. These women are very sophisticated with a deep understanding of culture. They are highly educated, independent, and very smart. At the same time, they are natural mothers with a caring side. You can find thousands of stunning Austrian women at our recommended dating sites. They are all verified, gorgeous, and looking to marry a foreigner. Create an account today, and you can instantly start messaging your future wife!

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