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Where Can You Meet the French Lady of Your Dream and How?

A French lady has a higher chance of winning a love game among French women American men because she is all about romance.
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Happy couples Today
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Ladies Registred Today
Top French Cities With Brides Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille
Average Age 24 Years
Average Cost $8500
Success Rate 75%
Divorce Rate 45%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇳🇴Norway,🇩🇪Germany,🇧🇪Belgium,🇪🇸Spain

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France is the country of love. Almost everyone here understands what hardcore romantic passion feels like, and that is why the French women make it to the top list of men looking for love. Besides being supremely romantic, these women have tons of other features that make them desirable. In recent years, they have become more popular among Western men for marriage. Like Ukrainian brides, these women are also understanding and genuine from the heart. They are also extremely beautiful like the Romanian wivesso boys go head over heels for them. We have some excellent tips if you are also planning to approach a French female for marriage. Keep reading today’s blog to learn all about real French women!

What Are the Beauty Traits of the French Women?

French Women

The first question that comes to the mind of a bachelor is whether or not single French women are attractive. You will be glad to know that they are much more than just being attractive. They are the perfect combination of beauty, personality, maturity, and honesty. Their smart outlook and bold nature make them more desirable, just like the Slavic mail order bridesIf you have never met the French lady of your dreams in real life yet, let us help you picture how she looks. Below we have discussed her physical traits in detail. Have a look!

Natural Beauty with Glowing Skin and Sparkling Eyes

French women are one of their classes when looking beautiful without wearing makeup. They are perfect in all aspects; be it their glowing skin, blonde to brown shade hair, or expressive eyes, they have it all. These women look like a dream when you meet them in real. A few French girls also have a tanned skin tone like Indian brides, making them more photogenic and less pale. Thankfully, a pretty French lady is confident enough to show off her no-filter selfies, making sure that their potential dates get to see everything real.

Like the Russian bride, a French lady loves to keep her fashion game on top. She knows all the latest trends that the celebrities and other girls are following. They never dress shabbily and are very picky about what they wear. Some French women believe in creating their fashion trends, and hence, they do not follow the fashion crowd blindly. They dress up the way they like without trying to fit in. But trust us, whatever they wear is gorgeous enough to compliment their curves perfectly.

She Knows Romance Better

A French lady has a higher chance of winning a love game among French women American men because she is all about romance. She comes from the country of ‘French kiss,’ a kiss that almost everybody adores when in love. Hence, they are great kissers and know how to seduce a man in no time. But that does not mean they are disloyal. Whatever romantic dreams they have, they fulfill them with none but their lover! A French lady is a one-man-woman, and she loves staying loyal to her partner.

Calm and Flirty

French women are known for their calm nature, just like the Japanese girls for marriageShe takes her decision with a quiet mind. She will never disrespect you by swearing or yelling.Even though they are calm and understanding, they know how to flirt with men. Their flirtatious nature helps them win the attention of their dream man easily. If you visit France and a woman likes you, she wastes no time thinking about when you will approach her. Instead, she will be the first one to approach you and express her passions freely. However, that does not mean you need to wait for her to come. If you catch the feeling first, do not be shy to express your love!

Optimist and Outgoing

A French lady knows how to make lemonade when life gives her lemons! She is one of the coolest girls you will ever meet. When you meet single French women, you will see that they are highly optimistic. Even if something bad happens, they will find the positive side of things to console you. With her, you will also become a happier person for sure. Besides that, she is also very outgoing. Going out on a date with her can never be boring because she knows France’s best places to visit. Like a Scottish bride, she is super fun to be with!

Why Should Men Propose French Women?

Suppose you wonder why you should date a French woman. Ask yourself why not! A French lady is the epitome of great personality, excellent physical features, a good heart, and a broad mind. She is perfect from all angles. Her beauty sparks from not just outside but also inside. There is no reason why a man would not fall for such angelic beauty.

Moreover, unlike the Indian brides, they are not shy about expressing their feelings. Hence, dating French women are much easier than finding dates in other countries. Some more characteristics that make them the best brides are mentioned below!

Best Women in Frence

Los Angeles, USA
Rome, Italy
Sydney, Australia
Jamie, 30
Melbourne, Australia
Houston, USA
Sydney, Australia

Characteristic Features of a French Woman that Make Them Unique

French women dating

We already know about their personality and looks but about the other character traits of a French woman. Well, here are some more characteristics that you should know:


These women love their families over everything else. They are very attached to their parents and siblings. So if you are trying to win their heart, you will also have to win the affection of her family members. Even though they are attached to the family, they are not completely dependent on them like the Pakistani wives. Some French women stay alone and have a stable source of income.

After marriage, a French lady will be there to support her family both emotionally and financially. She believes that the husband should not be responsible for all the household expenses. That is why they also contribute to household expenses, a vital trait of a modern woman. She is also a perfect wife and a mother. A French woman can seamlessly manage her house and office, which makes her so special compared to the brides found in other countries!

Highly Educated

One similarity between French women vs. American women is that none take their education lightly. They give their heart and soul to their education to make sure they reach great heights of success in their future. They usually do not get married before completing their higher education and getting a job. Once they are financially independent, they think of marriage. However, they start dating from a very young age, and hence, you can easily approach a French girl to be your girlfriend even if she hasn’t completed her studies yet. Remember, they want their partners to have an optimum level of education so that both of you can guide your children in the future!

Intelligent and Knowledgeable

These girls are very sharp-minded. Therefore, if you wonder whether they can find out about extramarital affairs, then yes, they will definitely. They will know that you are dishonest with them and soon step out of the relationship. They are also very knowledgeable, like the Chinese wives. Hence, they know a lot about what’s going on worldwide.

Loves Staying Fit

Have you ever wondered how French women look so fit all the time? It is because they are into fitness like the Scottish girls for marriage. These women’s favorite forms of fitness are either hitting the gym or performing yoga in-home. They also motivate their close ones to stay fit. So if you are a French bride, she will give you and the kids a push to keep fit.

Great in Bed

Do French women like American men? Yes, they do, especially those American men who are good in bed. It is because they are extraordinary when it comes to pleasing their partner. They know how to heat up the night in an instant. Even though they will allow their partner to stay on the top, at times, they like to take charge of things, which many men find super sexy. Young French women are all about trying new sex positions to spice up the nights. They will not let their partner get bored ever when having sex!

Where Can You Meet French Women in Real?

French women personals

There are two best ways of meeting fine French women. First, you can visit France and explore the cities, pubs, gyms, and other exciting places. These women do not like sitting idle in their homes for longer, and hence, finding them spread throughout the country is quite easy. But if you cannot visit them in person and want to try a digital method, then trying online dating French women sites can be a great option. There are many dating sites where you can find French women in abundance. We have shared some of the most exciting places in France where you can meet French women in person. Besides that, we have also talked about the dating sites where you can meet French ladies and Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, and Belarus brides! The choice is yours, but we are here to lend you a hand in whatever you choose.

Best Cities Where You Can Meet French Women

France is a superb vacation destination for anyone, even those not trying to meet single French women. But in case you are visiting the country with the motive of meeting French singles, we will help you know where to meet French women! The top three cities are:

  1. Paris
  2. Nice
  3. Marseille


Paris is the most popular and romantic place in France. Here, you have the highest chance of meeting the French lady of your dreams. There are many local parks and restaurants here where you can meet the gorgeous French singles. But as this is a popular tourist spot, you will also find a lot of tourists from other countries here. So please confirm before assuming a Brazilian bride for a French woman. If you find your lady love here, you can visit some awesome places in Paris like the VIP Room and Le Hobo Nightclubs. If it’s a date in the morning, you can try out the famous coffee shops like The Hood Paris and the Coutume.


Looking for a nice French girlfriend? Then visiting Nice in France is also a good option! It is a famous city in France where you can meet many intelligent French women. The Nice beach is the prime destination in the city. Here, you will find local women taking a sunbath or enjoying the wind. Some great places in Nice where you can arrange a date are Chez Moi, Le Frog, and Le Garcons. If you love visiting nightclubs, you would love the Le Six and the High Club.


Are you looking for educated and independent French women? Then you must visit Marseille in France. It is a city where many career-oriented French women are looking for husbands. The chances of finding an educated French lady are higher here because the place is known for its blooming industrial sectors. However, it does not mean the area lacks premium nightclubs and restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Marseille are Maison Geney, Aux Antipodes, and Chez Marinette. We are sure you will like a few nightclubs here the Baby Club, Danceteria, and Chez Pablo.

Local Places to Greet French Ladies

If you wonder which local places are the best to date French women, we have a list of daytime and local nighttime places. Some of the best bars and nightclubs that you can visit in France, especially Paris, are:

  1. Le Baron Paris
  2. Nuits Fauves
  3. Le Mansart
  4. Harry’s New York Bar
  5. Au P’tit Garage
  6. Point Ephemere
  7. L’Alimanatation Generale
  8. Au Petit Fer a Cheval

Some girls do not enjoy night time dates a lot. For them, the sunshine is important for enjoying the day to its fullest. If you also believe in the same, planning a daytime date will be the best. For that, you can pick a place like:

  1. Eifel Tower
  2. Champs-Elysees
  3. Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris
  4. Louvre Museum

If you are tired of searching for your lady love in crowded places, worry not because there are also a few less crowded spots in Paris where you can meet single French women. Here are a few spots to visit:

  1. Carrousel du Louvre
  2. Centre Commercial Beaugrenelle
  3. Montparnasse Rive Gauche
  4. Westfield Forum des Halles

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Occupation: Programmer
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Location: Tallinn, Estonia
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Review of the Top Dating Sites to Meet French Women Online

French female

If none of the traditional ways worked out for you, please do not get disheartened. We agree it is not easy to approach girls in person. At times, boys are either too shy or cannot visit the country to meet the French girls, and trust us, it is totally fine. However, you can still meet your French dream woman right from your comfort zone. Are you wondering how? Well, simply by joining the best French women dating sites online. No worries if you are unaware of which dating sites will be good for you because we have a few top recommendations!

But before we delve into the reviews of the dating sites, find out why it is advantageous for men and women to join dating sites:

  • You can date from any corner of the world.
  • You can make new connections every day.
  • Approaching the members on dating sites is easier than coming them in real life.
  • The dating sites provide a safe and secure environment for making love connections.
  • There are many awesome features that you can try on online dating sites.
  • Not just French women but girls from other countries too are found on this site.
  • Dating sites are safe for women users as well.
  • If you see anyone inappropriate, you can easily block and report them.
  • Joining an online dating site is free of cost, unlike traveling to France.
  • Some dating sites provide experts to help you with your love life.

As evident, dating sites are indeed awesome for finding all types of girls, starting from French to Serbian women, for marriage. We have reviewed a few dating sites where you can meet French women online!

Some of the best French dating sites that we like are:

  1. VictoriaHearts – A Host of Genuine Members
  2. GoDateNow – The Sea of Detailed Member Profiles
  3. Valentime – Clean, Easy, and Satisfying for Real Life Dates
  4. The Bridge of Love – The Expert of Bridging the Gap between Lovers belonging to Different Countries



  • The site has strict security policies to ensure you are safe while dating
  • You can register for free. Viewing profiles is also free here
  • You can see the list of members who viewed your profile
  • The platform allows you to check the active online status of a member you like


  • Most of the good features have to be paid for.

Registering on VictoriaHearts is super easy. All you need to do is visit their website, fill in all the important details, answer a questionnaire about yourself, and then your profile will be all set to use. The members found here are genuine. There are a lot of French girls on this site, making it one of the best platforms for those American men looking for a serious relationship with a French lady. You can also find many Romanian brides and Costa Rican girls for marriage here.

To connect with the members, you need to buy credits here. Twenty credits cost around $9.99. After buying the credits, you can avail of the special features of the site and use them to get yourself a beautiful typical French lady date!

GoDateNow- The Sea of Detailed Member Profiles


  • The site has an easy user interface.
  • The communication features are great overall.
  • The member profiles are quite detailed.
  • The platform has a huge member base of real Ukrainian bridesand girls for marriage from other countries.


  • You need to buy credits for almost everything you do.

GoDateNow is a popular dating site used mostly for finding Ukrainian mail order brides. But besides that, it is also becoming popular for its collection of French wives. This site has many positive reviews where customers write about their stories of French women marrying American men. Going by the thoughts of the customers and our team members, we also believe that the site is easy to use and has many great features. The registration is free here, but you will have to buy credits for using the other vital features.

Currently, you need one credit per minute for texting or video calling. If a member has sent you a video, you will need 20 credits to view it. You can also check the contact details, but you will need 25 credits. Lastly, to send a letter, you will need seven credits. Even though the features are great, you have to buy credits for everything which can be slightly disappointing. However, if you keep that part aside, GoDateNow is a brilliant dating site for American men.



  • Perfect site for those who are looking for serious commitments with French women
  • The website has a clean design, making the dating experience pleasing overall
  • Besides traditional messaging, there are several other exciting communication tools
  • The website refunds your money if you are not satisfied with their service


  • There is no Valentime mobile app

If you are looking for a dating site with many free features, then Valentime will be the right option. Some of the free features that you get to enjoy here are signing up, setting up your profile, viewing the profile details of a member, sending winks, using the search filters, creating a favorite list, and exploring the member base. However, a few features are not free, like purchasing gifts for the girls, chatting with them, viewing and uploading media, etc. With so many free features, online dating has become too exciting for the members.

Many lovely French women are there on the site. You can easily find them using the search filters. Besides French ladies, you can also impress pretty Swiss women for marriagehere. Women from many other countries are to be found here. Moreover, it is a platform where foreign men and women accumulate in the search for nothing but love!

The Bridge of Love


  • The platform has quite a high rating from the users, around 8.3 on 10.0
  • Around 80% of female members reply to messages here
  • A huge member base consists of girls from many countries, including France
  • The dating experts of the platform help you set up real-life dates with the girls.


  • There are a few fake accounts here.

Like most other mail order bride sites, this platform, too, focuses mostly on Ukrainian girls for marriagebut gladly, many pretty French ladies are also a part of the site. The one thing that we like the most about this website is the details given in the member profiles. You can find a lot about the members by reading their profile info. Messaging is also free on this site. However, other advanced communication tools are paid for, but you have no obligation to buy them. Overall it is a simple yet excellent dating site where you can connect with your soulmate in just a few days.

How to Impress French Women?

meet French women

Finally, we come to the part where you teach you how to get French women to fall in love with you. Below we have explained what French women want and how you can impress them:

  • French ladies like men who know a bit about their culture. So do your study before approaching them.
  • They do not want to date men who use vulgar phrases as a form of flirting. Hence, mind your words before you say them.
  • Make sure you respect her and her close ones. She will not compromise with self-respect for anyone. Also, respect her country and religious beliefs to win her heart faster.
  • Be straightforward about your intentions. They do not like men who flirt casually without any real commitment motives. So if you truly like her, propose to her for a serious relationship.
  • Never bind her like a patriarch. Give her enough space to live her life the way she wants.
  • Lastly, be a romantic gentleman who knows how to keep her girl impressed with flowers, compliments, and French kisses!


French women are sweet, lovely, and an absolute delight for American men who want a lifelong commitment. A French lady is a book of poetry you are bound to fall in love with. She is not scared of speaking her heart out, nor afraid of fighting for her freedom. Living your entire life with such a powerful yet kind woman will make your love life as colorful as a rainbow!

So are you planning to date a French woman? If yes, we are excited to know when!

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