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Colombian Mail Order Brides: What You Need To Know to Find a Colombian Wife

Colombian mail order brides make very good wives because they are sociable, full of energy, and take their promises very seriously.
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Happy couples Today
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Female Population
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Verifed Profiles
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Ladies Registred Today
Top Colombian Cities With Brides Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cucuta, Bucaramanga, Pereira, Santa Marta, Ibague
Average Age 24 Years
Average Cost $18000
Success Rate 65%
Divorce Rate 45%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇧🇪Belgium,🇳🇴Norway

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Colombian wives take a special place among other Latino women. While featuring a lot of traits in common with the rest of South America, these ladies have peculiarities of their own. For starters, they come from a relatively well-off country and they lead an active, captivating lifestyle. At the same time, they make excellent wives and mothers because families are among their top priorities.

Many Colombian women for marriage create profiles on international dating platforms hoping to find their match abroad. However, unlike women from less well-off countries, i.e., African mail order brides, the Colombians are not looking for a knight in shining armor to save them from bad living conditions. These women are generally patriotic and love their country, but most of them have low opinions of local men who aggressively assert themselves. So, a perfect gentleman has all the chances of winning the good lady’s heart, but should one bother to do so? What Makes Colombian women so special and why should one seek them out instead of looking for a wife in his own country? Discover this and many other interesting facts about Colombia and its stunning women in the paragraphs below.

Are Colombian Ladies for Marriage Worth the Effort?

Colombian Brides

The short answer is – YES! Colombia brides are the perfect combination of beauty, grace, wit, and easy-going personality that charms any man. As wives, they are the type that would never cheat on their husbands and would gladly balance careers with taking care of their families (with a strong preference for the latter).

Colombian mail order brides make very good wives because they are sociable, full of energy, and take their promises very seriously. It is not that easy to win the heart of a Colombian woman, but if you manage such a feat, you can be certain that your new bride will stand by your side no matter what. Their vibrant personalities, unique Latin beauty, and utter devotion to their husbands and children make these stunning ladies marriage-perfect. If you are looking for a wife that is traditional, hard-working, yet at the same time easy-going, Latin America and Colombia in particular, is a perfect bride hunting destination for you.

At this point, you may reasonably wonder why women would rather look for a husband abroad — especially if make such good wives. Don’t they have enough men at home? Well, in fact, the male-female population in Colombia is almost evenly split, but it’s not the lack of local men that forces the ladies to search for their husbands abroad. Like most Latin American countries, Colombia has a macho cult, and not all single women are very fond of the scenario when a husband is in his full right to beat up a woman or cheat on her without any social repercussions.

So, Colombian brides are turning their gaze abroad hoping to find a man who would love and respect them. In return, they are more than ready to offer a lot of truly intriguing personality traits — some of which most Western husbands don’t even dare dream of. Let’s take a closer look at what these amazing traits are in the paragraphs below.

The Vibrant Characteristic Features of Colombian Brides

Like most sexy Latin girls, Colombian women are stunningly beautiful. One of the reasons for this outstanding beauty is the ethnic diversity, common in so many Latin American countries. Colombians have mixed genes that trace back not only to their Spanish and Eastern European ancestors but also to Native Americans and Africans.

Still, it is not just the genetic lottery that makes these hot women so gorgeous. Beautiful Colombian women for marriage do their best to emphasize their looks with clothes, makeup, carefully chosen jewelry, etc. Besides, most Colombians live an active lifestyle and dedicate a lot of time to outdoor sports whenever the weather is permitting. When it is not, which is not that common in Colombia, women still pay attention to fitness, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Another important trait that captivated men is the undying optimism of Colombian brides. They are always cheerful and full of life, and such endless energy cannot fail to impress. It sometimes even seems like these foxy ladies are always up to something, and the assumption is not that far from the truth. A Colombian girl has so much energy and passion for life, that she has to direct it someplace. This explains the lady’s interest in active outdoor sports and their round-the-clock readiness to go dancing.

When a mail order bride Colombia goes dancing, she is prepared to dance before the roof falls down — or at least up till the morning light. Do not be put off if you think you cannot keep up or doubt your dancing skills. With a partner like this, you will enjoy the evening anyway.

Unlike some Costa Rica brides and other Latin American singles, Colombian ladies are always punctual. Even though they share the spontaneous nature and the passion so common across all the South America, Colombians are people of their word. They value other people’s time and never make empty promises. So, if the relaxed southern siesta atmosphere where no one bothers to set up an exact hour to meet is somewhat of a cultural shock to you, Colombia women will be a nice relief.

What Makes Colombian Women Such Admirable Wives?

wife Colombian

Besides cheerful nature and easy-going personalities, Colombian wives have excellent time-management skills. They can easily balance a full-time job with taking care of their families; and, considering the not-always-just attitude they face from their macho men, they will not complain about being overworked. But then again, considering how much energy these ladies have, the lack of complaints won’t be a strategic ruse.

Sexy Colombian brides are very passionate in many spheres of life, which obviously includes the bedroom. At the same time, you should not worry about your sexy wife cheating on you because like most Catholics, they take marital fidelity very seriously. Sure, we live in the 21st century, so you should not expect your bride to save herself for marriage — but once the two of you get serious, you can rest assured that your gorgeous girlfriend is true to you and you alone.

As a rule, most Colombian brides will grasp an opportunity to combine family life and a job — at least, part-time. Their activity simply will not let them sit idle, and they will always have enough energy to work, meet new people, face new challenges, and still keep a well-kept house.

If you decide to have children, you can find no better mother than a Colombian hot wife. A woman from this country will do her best to make sure the children do not need anything. This involves not only keeping them tidy and fed but also investing lots of effort into their education and upbringing. At the same time, A Colombian lady is not one of your overly-pushy, overly-obsessive mommies that watch their children like hawks all the time. Most Colombians understand that the world is complex and not always a safe place and to make your way in it, people should be taught independence from an early age. That will be your wife’s top priority when she has kids — raising them into responsible, resourceful adults, not unlike their mother.

Most importantly, a typical Colombian bride is a very wise woman who knows when to stomp her feet and when to keep silent. It’s no secret that good couples balance the scales of leadership in their relationships, with either a husband or a wife taking the lead in different life circumstances. A woman from Colombia does it with ease and grace because her wisdom results from years of living in a not entirely safe country, as well as generations of women ill-treated. But if a woman like this trust that you want her to be happy and are ready to stand by her, she will love you forever and will repay all your efforts a thousandfold. So, any man who meets his lady in this country will end up saying — my Colombian wife is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Best Brides in Colombia

Mayu, 22
Healing, Brazil
Manu, 22
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sarita, 28
Santo Domingo, Dominicana
Quito, Ecuador
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Marci, 19
Brasilia, Brazil

What Do Colombian Mail Order Brides Want to See in Their Men?

Colombian bride

Now that you understand what a catch a Colombian mail order wife can be, the question is — what does she want in return? Well, here are some traits most Colombian women will appreciate in men.

  • Confidence and assertiveness: while most Colombian brides had their share of excessive masculinity, it does not mean that they like weak or insecure men. There is a huge difference between flaunting one’s macho qualities and being a real man of worth. The latter is what most women in Colombia hope to see in their husbands — decisiveness, genuine confidence, and strength.
  • Good sense of humor, including self-irony: Colombians have easy-going personalities and always appreciate a good joke. Unlike British women, they do not mind if this joke borders on impropriety, so need to hold your tongue with a Colombian date. Still, what these ladies will truly love in a man is a bit of self-irony because, to them, this is solid proof of a man’s intellect, confidence, and sense of humor.
  • Faithful and devotion to their families: a Colombian wife, being a devout Catholic in most cases, does not take marital infidelity lightly. And, as a wise woman, she surely knows that you cannot teach the old dogs new tricks. If men have been unfaithful to their wives and girlfriends before, they will very likely be unfaithful again. Infidelity is not something she is looking for in a future husband — if she did, she would probably settle for a local match.
  • Polite, gentlemanly manners: good manners go a long way with hot Colombian brides. Simple gestures of attention, like moving her chair, holding the door, payoff a compliment can earn you a lot of points in your favor. These women like to be loved and respected most of all, and such gestures help prove both points.
    A head for business or career: women in Colombia may not be after your money, but they put a high value on a man’s intellect. Good education and career or a head for business, in general, will earn their respect and admiration. Besides, showing your potential wife that you could be a solid breadwinner when her hands are full with the kids and family chores is an excellent indicator that you are truly a husband material.
  • Punctuality: unlike hot Brazilian brides, who will not hold it against you for being late to a date or a scheduled live chat, Colombians place a high value on punctuality. For them, being on time is one of the ways to show respect. Besides, a man who is late to a date with a woman is probably not that interested in that date, in the first place. Of course, there can be other reasons for not doing something on time, but your lack of interest is how a typical Colombian girl will see it. And make no mistake — she will not be included to wait.

Top Places to Meet Sexy Colombian Brides?

While the surest way to find a Colombian wife is to search for a match on reliable dating platforms, there is also a chance to meet single ladies if you venture a trip to their home country. Like most Caribbean women, Colombian ladies lead an active lifestyle, enjoy outdoor sports, and spend their nights out with friends. If you are a fan of football, good news — you can easily meet ladies at a game. Yes, yes — you read it right. Women in Colombia enjoy sports no less than men, and there are over 2,500 different football clubs registered in this not-so-big country.

Besides football, Colombians are very much into scuba-diving, snorkeling, and sailing — pretty much any active outdoor activity is considered good leisure time in this country. If you are into something more relaxed (after all, it will be hard to chat up a lady when she is scuba-diving or sailing a boat), you may try your luck at the beach. Plenty of ladies come there to relax and watch the whales.

Another potential meeting spot is the mall. Colombian women just love shopping whenever they have the time and money. If they do not have the cash, they may still go window-shopping and get a refreshing drink somewhere in the mall.

Still, you should remember that approaching a woman you do not know in the streets or in the shop may be considered pushy. Besides, you never know if she is married or even wants to be married. And that leads us to the next point — how online dating is different from meeting in real-life and what top dating sites can introduce you to your perfect Colombian match.
Colombian wife

How Online Dating Compares to Real-Life Experience: Pros & Cons

Of course, online dating may seem somewhat lacking at first in contrast to the rich and thrill of real-life dating. But, it also has quite a lot of advantages for men who are determined to find a Colombian wife.


  • Advanced search filters can eliminate all unsuitable matches
  • There is a lot of time to get to know your potential match without rushing into any quick decisions
  • Using online dating services is definitely cheaper than traveling to a foreign country


  • Even if you find someone you like online, there is no guarantee the union will click in real-life
  • Not all users are 100% truthful about their identities and dating intentions
  • The competition with other western men is quite high

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The Most Beautiful Brides are Alone Here

Single Sarita in Santo Domingo, Dominicana
Sarita, 28
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominicana
Occupation: Call center operator
Children: No
About me

I am a compassionate and you can devoted people and constantly set my relatives and buddies very first! I am a combination of introverted and you will extroverted. Everyone loves coming to home understanding books otherwise watching television. But at the same time I really like being away catching up that have household members and you may supposed dancing. Everyone loves maintaining fitness and you may becoming active and waiting to do some significantly more travelling later on. I’m selecting one I’m able to spend people out of living having!

Single Isabel in Merida, Venezuela
Isabel, 24
Location: Merida, Venezuela
Occupation: Photo model
Children: No
About me

I am a caring and you can loyal people and constantly put my friends and family earliest! I’m a combination of introverted and you may extroverted. I really like being at household understanding guides or watching tv. However, at the same time Everyone loves are aside making up ground with family and going moving. I love keeping fit and you will becoming productive and you can would love to do some more travelling in the future. I’m shopping for a man I’m able to spend people regarding my entire life with!

Single Anna in Paraty, Brazil
Anna, 30
Location: Paraty, Brazil
Occupation: Night club director
Children: Yes
About me

Can you particularly dogs? Are you willing to like exercising? Do you really such coffee? I am enthusiastic about workouts and you may sipping great java. Sure, I’m a huge java snob and you can a small compulsive about to make my personal cooler make coffee. We have all of our prime first date planned! We are able to strike the fitness center together and put me toward squat dish, then we could take a stroll and you may take in coffee in the new playground! One sounds like eden!

Single Alice in San Luis, Brasil
Alice, 23
Location: San Luis, Brasil
Occupation: Tattoo master
Children: No
About me

I like to sing and you may dance. When we day I can probably drag one to a beneficial late night karaoke bar and you can great time out specific Whitney Houston or Madonna songs. I am a tiny psychological and possibly a little crazy. But I am very dedicated and you will caring. I am tired of to experience new relationship video game and want to get a hold of a bona-fide son. I would like the brand new light picket wall, canine, new Volvo, dos babies therefore the sweet family! If you find yourself the guy to assist myself get to my dream lifestyle content myself!

Colombian Mail Order Brides: Which Sites They Join to Meet Men?

  1. ColombiaLady – For anyone who wants to find the love of their life in Colombia
  2. LatinWomanLove – Eye-catching design and plenty of single Latin ladies from various countries
  3. AmoLatina – Great visuals and plenty of stunning women’s profiles
  4. LatinFeels – Promoting love and connecting singles from all over the world


ColombiaLady has been around since 2018 and has already won the hearts of almost a million users. The brides on this site are usually in their mid-twenties or thirties, and the ratio of men vs women here is almost even. It has plenty of communication features, is easy to use, and falls in a moderate price range compared to other dating sites.


While not focusing on Colombia alone, LatinWomanLove is a good platform for meeting and chatting with Latin beauties. You will find quite a lot of Colombian singles here, too — especially considering that the total user base exceeds 30 million. It helps search for matches based on many different criteria but somewhat lacks interactive communication means.


AmoLatina is another site that aims to cover the whole of Latin America, including Colombia. This is not the cheapest site when it comes to verification but it offers plenty of communications options to choose from, most of which are paid. The search parameters on the site are very advanced, so you can be as specific in the description of your perfect bride as you want to be.


LatinFeels casts the net wider than Colombia alone but is still a solid choice when it comes to meeting Colombian mail order brides. The platform has been around for 13 years, has a vast user base, and has a totally free version. Still, moderators encourage people who buy communication credits to communicate with other paid users because only paid accounts are verified, which ensures protection from scam.

Colombian Wedding Customs You Should Know

Colombian girls for marriage

People generally imagine a huge wedding with tons of relatives when they think about marrying a bride from Central or South America. But Colombian weddingsare generally more modest, with under a hundred guests, which is not that much compared to marrying an Indian bride who would generally insist on five hundred or more.

On the whole, the wedding ceremony would not be shockingly different from what we are used to in the West — with a few local variations, of course. For example, a Colombian bride will generally wear a mantilla (a silk scarf covering her hair and shoulder) decorated with flowers. This is an equivalent of a veil, standing as a symbol of the bride’s purity.

Instead of maids and men of honor, a Colombian wedding will have godparents — a man and a woman chosen for this special occasion. These people will play an important part in the ceremony, but in the essence, they are not much different from a bridesmaid and a man of honor. Besides carrying the rings, godparents will present a new couple with 13 wedding coins symbolizing Christ and his 12 apostles — an important part of any Catholic wedding ceremony.

After the couple says their vows and exchanges, they will light two separate candles. These candles will then be used to light another one, the one they both hold in hand. The joint candle is soon snuffed out, which closes the ceremony and seals the union. And then, the happy husband and wife proceed to the loud reception with lots of drinks, flowers, music, and dancing!


Are Colombian marriage agencies legit?

Yes, most dating sites and marriage agencies that have been around for over a few years can safely be considered legit. Still, you should not forget that even sites that have strict identity verification rules cannot peer into the hearts of their users. So, do not share any sensitive info with online brides and never send the ladies money.

Can you actually buy Colombian wife?

No, you cannot literally buy a wife, but you can try your luck with paid dating platforms. The reason to use a paid website is that it verifies its users' identities and ensures way more safety from fraud compared to non-moderated unsupervised sites. And, of course, some effort on your side may buy you, figuratively speaking, the lady’s favor.

Are Colombian sites different from Latin dating agencies?

Most dating sites are designed with a specific niche in mind, but very few of them will ban users if they do not exactly fit the niche. So, with a Colombian dating site, most women should be from Colombia, but not necessarily so. Latin dating sites cast a wider audience net, advertising themselves to single Latina women. But in both cases, you may also come across Asian profiles or single Slavic women personals.

Are Colombian wives looking for wealthy husbands?

That would depend on the lady in question. There is no point in denying that everyone appreciates financial comfort. Still, most Colombian mail order brides are interested in meeting a good husband and a caring father for their future children.

Will my Colombian bride divorce me?

Very unlikely if you treat her well. Like most other women in Central and South America, Colombian girls for marriage treat their marital vows with all seriousness and are very unwilling to break them — especially so if you said the vows in the church, not in the city hall.


Colombian mail order brides can become your key to family happiness — provided, you treat these gorgeous women with the respect and attention they deserve. If you are looking for a fun, easy-going, yet hard-working woman who will take care of your and future children, Colombia is the top destination for you. And if you cannot find the woman of your dreams on a Colombia-exclusive dating site, try your luck with a site that features hot Latin brides. The chances are, you will find ladies from Colombia there, too, along with personals from other South and Central American countries.

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