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CatholicMatch Review Jul 2023 - Is it a Good Deal or a Fraud?

Ciaran Callam
24 Jul 2023 / Updated: 22 Sep 2023
15  min read
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Fresh woman profiles

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Moscow, Russia
Mey, 32
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Pros and Cons

  • Success stories and images from CatholicMatch app users who found love.
  • Possibility of speaking with other members directly.
  • Only profiles of Catholics are provided.
  • Ability to vote and publish on the blog.
  • Both the Apple Store and the Android Market include the app.
  • Simple to use.
  • Premium users receive an additional free 6-month subscription if they don’t find a match within a stipulated period.
  • Modern and advanced design.
  • The mobile app is slow.
  • A lack of matches if your neighborhood is tiny or sparsely populated.
  • To send messages, you need to purchase a premium subscription.

CatholicMatch app is a faith-based dating service that offers a platform geared towards connecting Catholic singles. So they may consider their options and have the chance to participate in the sacramental marriage ceremony. The mission of CatholicMatch is to create a close-knit community for Catholics worldwide. Meeting other Catholics might help people feel part of their faith more in this hectic, stressful world. People may discover a place where they are understood by joining CatholicMatch app.

In 1999, Jason LaFosse and Brian Barcaro, the two co-founders of CatholicMatch, saw a need for a service that would help Catholic singles meet Frence ladies, Russian or women with any preferred ethnicity who shared their religious values. Soon after, Jason and Brian started their website in an effort to assist individuals in finding solutions to this problem. Mike Lloyd later joined them and became one of the founders. CatholicMatch app became the new name of the website in 2004. However, the tragic death of Mike Lloyd, one of the firm’s co-founders, left the company with a heartbreaking loss. But Jason and Brian still conduct their business with the intention of assisting Catholics in finding love, serenity, and belonging.

CatholicMatch app offers a CatholicMatch institute with the goal of educating Catholics in addition to offering an online dating service. This institute welcomes all church leaders, whether single, divorced, or married, fostering a greater community and peace and harmony among them.

Millions of people are presently members of the firm, which has achieved enormous success. All because it provided the people with a platform to locate their Catholic partner while feeling more anchored in their faith, which was needed. Due to the app’s credibility and success rate, Catholics worldwide immediately learned about it. The business is still working towards its objectives, which include helping individuals discover Catholics who share their interests and values in order to help lower the divorce rate and increase the marriage rate.

While the history of the dating site and reviews seem rich, the real verdict on the app can only be given after trying it. So, here is a detailed review of everything that matters on a dating site after trying CatholicMatch app.

For Whom Is CatholicMatch App Suitable?

CatholicMatch Review 2023

CatholicMatch is good for:

  • Singles who have publicly declared their Catholic religion are ideal candidates for the CatholicMatch app.
  • Catholic singles seeking compatibility with those who hold the same beliefs and philosophy.
  • Catholic singles seeking committed partnerships and long-term connections.
  • Catholic singles are looking for a relationship.

Users that identify as Catholics are catered to by CatholicMatch app. It holds true regardless of how strictly or laxly people adhere to and put into practice Catholic Church doctrines. The dating service has more than a million users worldwide and is still expanding. English-speaking nations, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, account for the majority of users.

Since Catholicism is likely the most well-known religious movement in the world, the website also attracted devoted users from European nations like Sweden, Poland, and Ireland, as well as the countries of Brazil and El Salvador. With a sizable number of hot Norwegian american women active at any given moment, the website boasts a fair distribution of male and female profiles. It means that the odds of you not finding a match on a dating site are quite slim. The discussion boards, where a variety of themes are welcome, including prayer requests, divorce, current events, teachings for Catholics, and more, are where the members are most active.

CatholicMatch Interface

The website for CatholicMatch is clean and well-organized and has a modern style. The features you’ll require should be prominently displayed at the top of the home page. The website is simple to use for users of all ages because there aren’t too many tabs to navigate through. There are practically no irrelevant adverts; even if you do see some, they are all from religiously oriented organizations. Overall, using this Catholic Baltic women dating service is an easy and straightforward process.

Using your email address or your Facebook account, you may sign up for Catholic Match. Although their premium subscription is an additional cost, registration is free.

CatholicMatch Review 2023

CatholicMatch Sign In Procedure

You need to complete a 30 MCQ quiz after entering your login, password, email, and date of birth. Premarital sex, using contraception, having an abortion, and other deeply personal issues are among the questions you must respond to. The survey asks questions about various topics, including habits, attractiveness, and more. The most significant result of this website is that your match is solidly based on Catholic principles. Your bio will be the first thing people who have matched with you will see when a single woman, like a cute Asian girl, views your profile. Therefore, you must have one. It is common for members to write about their families, routines, and beliefs. After this, you may take a temperament test to find better matches and learn more intriguing facts about yourself. Do not be concerned; your information and this test result will be kept from the members’ view.

Additionally, although the registration procedure on the CatholicMatch app may take a while, it only takes 20 to 25 minutes. It is easy and uncomplicated. The best thing is that this method makes this website special and popular. Additionally, by answering the questions truthfully, you will be able to locate better matches so that you won’t later have to waste time speaking with individuals that are unsuitable for you. The 20 minutes you give for registration will be more than worthwhile because it might be one of the factors in helping you locate your ideal partner in a Russia wife may be.

What Is The Process Of Finding A Partner After YouCatholicMatch Login?

The key competency of the CatholicMatch app is compatibility matching, an area in which they have expertised and amassed a sizable user base over time because of it. When others check out your profile, or you are shown someone else’s profile, all the belief-related questions you answer during registration will come into play. Strong bonds between you and the other person might be formed because of your shared beliefs and way of life. Even though the website generates a list of potential matches based on your responses, you may launch a manual search like sexy Guyana teen girl and narrow the alternatives.

You can message a person once you’ve seen them, but you’ll need to be a subscriber to do so. Ask them pertinent questions, be forward and honest about your goals, and request that they do the same.

CatholicMatch Review 2023

Communication With CatholicMatch Women

If you have a CatholicMatch app premium membership, you may quickly message a user you think could be intriguing enough. Based on the qualities you are seeking in a mate, you should pose questions to them. You have to be honest with them regarding your relationship goals. Most users of this platform are searching for wives and husbands.

You may utilize their monograms feature to start a discussion with another user by just sending a grin, a wink, a kiss, or one of the numerous other emoji-like icons if you’re nervous and unsure of what words to write. If you are not a subscriber, you cannot use these services and can only access your messages ten days after receiving them.

CatholicMatch Review 2023

CatholicMatch Price – CatholicMatch Free Trial Vs. Paid Membership

You may create a profile, browse other profiles, participate in matching, and send and receive emoticons by signing up for a free CatholicMatch app account.

But if you have a premium membership, you get more. Here is the list!

Free Services Fee-Based Services
  • Browse additional profiles by searching.
  • Send emoticons.
  • You may submit 50 images.
  • Take part in the pairing.
  • Find out who has seen your profile.
  • Browse additional profiles by searching.
  • You can upload 50 images.
  • Take part in the pairing.
  • Find out who has seen your profile.
  • To send an endless number of messages.
  • Sending individualized Emotigrams is possible.
  • A private chat feature.
  • Access to neighborhood chat rooms.
  • Priority assistance.

Unlike other dating services, there are no add-ons, super boosts, or CatholicMatch coupon to improve or promote your profile. That is one of the factors that contribute to CatholicMatch’s cost being cheaper than those of other dating services. All the features and services offered on the website are yours when you choose a subscription. Let’s see what a Catholic Bulgarian bride cost can be:

Membership Type Membership Length CatholicMatch Cost
Premium Membership 1 Month $29.99 per month
Premium Membership 6 Months $14.99 per month
Premium Membership 12 Months $9.99 per month

All CatholicMatch app memberships are automatically renewed. Your chosen plan will automatically renew at the start of each payment cycle, and a charge will be made to the credit card you provided when registering. Prices are all in US dollars.

CatholicMatch cost

You may stop your membership from automatically renewing through iTunes or the App Store on your Apple device. Your subscription will stop at the end of the current subscription month once you turn off auto-renewal.

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Is CatholicMatch Dating Safe?

CatholicMatch Review 2023

An established website with a 20-year history is the CatholicMatch app. They indicate that they gather two different sorts of information from users: public and private, on their privacy policy website.

Gender, birth date, first name, CatholicMatch profile images, geographical location, employment, ethnic background, and inquiries about appearance, faith, and personality are among the public information. The information is gathered to match the profiles you might be interested in. The data includes some optional components. The confidential information they promise to never reveal to anyone else includes your email address, last name, credit or debit card number saved for payment, password for your account, zip code, and CatholicMatch contact number.

According to Catholic Match, they utilize Google Analytics to learn more about how their website is being used and to display advertisements based on previous website visits. They track things like how frequently people visit their site, which pages they see, and which website they were on prior to Catholic Match.

They do not utilize this information for any personally identifiable information except to enhance the functionality of the website and services. They don’t mix any data from Google Analytics with the individually identifiable data of consumers.

CatholicMatch Customer Service

You may contact customer care by email or the community forum on the CatholicMatch app if you have a problem or wish to report someone. You may also discover solutions to many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on their Help Centre website.

How Does CatholicMatch Dating App Function?

In order to assess each member’s qualities, the CatholicMatch app uses a survey framework called Match Picture. The match picture representation poses questions to gauge each participant’s personality, point of view, and convictions. Finding compatible Portuguese beautiful womens becomes much easier due to the results of this matching image, which contains the essential characteristics two people must share to engage in successful sober dating. Even if some of these questions may be a little too intimate for some people, the more truthful the members’ responses are, the more flawlessly a match will be discovered. No other members are permitted to view the information on this questionnaire.

Additionally, a Likert scale is used to survey the matching portrait findings and compare diverse people to one another. It helps you find people who get along with you better and better. If you are not a perfect fit with another member, they will connect you with another person they believe will be a better match. Along these lines, the website makes an effort to improve pairing outcomes for all users.

Some people cannot relocate to other towns or nations to find their soul mates. Because of this, the CatholicMatch app offers a filter that only displays members in your region in order to address this issue. Using this filter won’t erase any of the matches you’ve already chosen, but it will limit the region in which new matches are available to where you presently live.

It would be accurate to claim that CatholicMatch’s successful pairing mechanism has contributed to its success. It gives you a platform where, when you decide to meet the most beautiful women in Spain for the first time, you’ll already be aware of the person’s compatibility with your personality.

CatholicMatch Mobile App And The Website

The CatholicMatch website is optimized for all devices. It means you can use the browser to use the dating site from any device, be it a computer, mobile, or tablet. However, to make the experience better, they offer native apps for iOS and Android devices. The apps are available for free download on the App Store and PlayStore.

CatholicMatch Reviews- Special Features

CatholicMatch app offers several unique features to make the experience on the site truly unique and suitable for the Catholic user base.


We are all aware of how uncomfortable making the initial move may be. It is a stressful task. By offering the Emotigram option, CatholicMatch app makes things simpler for its users. The emojis or emoticons on are called epigrams. The alternative to the customary “hey” or “hello” is to send a bouquet of rosemary. Additionally, you may offer them a virtual mug of coffee.


Your personality type is determined by one of four primary temperaments. You must complete this temperament test to determine your sanguine, melancholic, choleric, or phlegmatic temperament type.

Interview Questions

You and your match can utilize this choice as a discussion starter. Think of them as dating icebreaker inquiries. These inquiries will spark conversation between the two of you. You can make up to 20 multiple-choice questions, and users can respond to them on your profile. It’s a terrific trait to be aware of other individuals’ peculiarities, inclinations, and deal-breakers.


Users can snooze the profiles of any members whose content they are not interested in using this tool. These profiles won’t show up in the search results.

Success Stories

At, there is a special area where you may read hundreds of success stories. Here, at least 5 tales are updated every day on average.

Chat Rooms

On the CatholicMatch app forums, there are more than 20 chat rooms where you can join, participate, and discuss religious subjects with others.

By sorting the search results according to your preferences, the newest members first, age, gender, geography, etc., you may search on the CatholicMatch app and conduct a Catholic singles review. Your search results can be saved using the advanced search tool so you can review them at a later time.

Customer Support

CatholicMatch comments and concerns can be sent to their email address. CatholicMatch forums answer your questions rather quickly.

CatholicMatch Review 2023

Are CatholicMatch Profiles Real?

Most of us have made a dating profile to test out the services using a fictitious name, fictitious photos, or no photos at all. It would be advised that you just go to the profiles with more than two photographs published and read their profile descriptions very carefully. Even then, it cannot be guaranteed that there aren’t any fake German girl hot profiles on the CatholicMatch app, so it’s best to be careful and report suspicious behavior immediately.

CatholicMatch Alternatives

Devout Catholic singles may now discover mates who share their religion on a variety of online dating sites. You may discover a list of CatholicMatch’s rivals in this section of the review.

1. International Cupid


  • Simple and quick signup.
  • Large clientele.
  • Free members can reply to messages.
  • The UI of the app and the website is nicely designed.
  • This online resource supports more than twenty different languages.
  • The members are dispersed over the globe.
  • Online users are numerous every day.

International Cupid is one of the best online dating services available. Some visitors come here thinking do Morocco women like American men and looking for other singles just like them, while others wish to venture beyond their dating comfort zone. Due to their hectic schedules, members of International Cupid typically lack the time to go on a real date. Some people are sick of dating the local ladies in their area, while others travel on business trips and want to date when they get there. Undoubtedly, some users of International Cupid are searching for a committed relationship. Some people also want to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

2. ChristianFilipina


  • A niche lets you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • A sizable profile database.
  • Free for female members only.
  • High response rates to messages.
  • Military, clergy, missionaries, and students all receive a 50% discount.
  • Discounts are offered.
  • A logical user interface.
  • Available customer services.

A dating service called ChristianFilipina describes itself as a community for introducing friendships among Christians throughout the world, some of whom are from the Philippines. This website aids users in making friends and having conversations on Christian principles. boasts the most charming community of Christian singles on any dating site.

This website’s registration process is free, simple, and takes around 5 minutes to complete. You may browse the website and view the other members after joining. Users can send a limited number of pre-written messages to other members each day as part of the free membership to check whether the person they’re eyeing is interested in connecting.

3. SugarDaddyMeet


  • Large collection of gorgeous ladies.
  • Nice and practical UI.
  • Possibility of sending presents.
  • 90% of profiles are verified, and there is strict moderation.

Sugardaddymeet is an online dating service that connects wealthy sugar daddies looking for a life partner with attractive young sugar babies who find older, richer men endearing to buy German wife and want to reciprocate by receiving gifts and financial assistance from them. Through its online portal, which functions just like any other dating or match-making website and even better, Sugardaddymeet is bridging the gap and simplifying the process of establishing such a relationship. Both sides benefit from this, and it brings new excitement and the satisfaction of contentment into their life.


How To Delete CatholicMatch Account?

Visit CatholicMatch's unsubscribe page in order to delete your account.

How Does CatholicMatch Work?

CatholicMatch prides itself on having these thrilling features all to itself. First up is the matching algorithm, which functions like a personality exam. It assesses your responses and compares them to those of other platform users. The second tool, Personal Interview, allows you to design multiple-choice questions that you may send to individuals you find appealing. Their responses then assist you in determining whether or not you two are a suitable fit. The Temperament Test, which is the third feature, asks you questions about the traits your perfect spouse should possess and then displays profiles based on how you respond.

Is CatholicMatch Free?

Certainly, the CatholicMatch app is available for free. You may send and receive messages, view up to three Catholic singles profiles daily, search for potential matches, and view the viewers who have viewed your profile. However, the free account has a limited number of features.

How To Use CatholicMatch?

If you are wondering where to meet Portuguese ladies who are Catholic, the first step is to register by providing your information and responding to a survey. Once you've finished creating your profile, you can start looking for potential mates. Following your selection and the outcomes of the questionnaire, matches are shown. Press "checkmark" to accept or "X" to reject a profile for each one you have reviewed. Following consideration, you can accept all of the profiles you chose and reject all of the ones for which you clicked "X."

How To Unsubscribe From CatholicMatch?

The CatholicMatch app subscription must be deactivated by following a few straightforward procedures.

  • Go to
  • Use the same email address and pin code you used to register to log in.
  • Go to the account page and switch off auto-renew to end your membership.
  • The subscription can be used as long as your payment cycle is active.

It's crucial to keep in mind that making this decision does not lead to the cancellation of your account. You can still access your account as a free participant rather than a subscriber, and the profile will stay accessible.


Catholics who want to further their understanding of their religion and have a life partner who shares their religious values, this is the ideal dating service for them. Nowadays, it might be challenging to discover Catholics who have steadfast religious views, but the CatholicMatch app makes it much simpler. The matching on this service is more accurate because of the questionnaire they give you when you first join up. The discussion on this website is a wealth of knowledge for all Christians. You might as well use this website to meet new people and chat with them about your opinions.

CatholicMatch’s free account has too many interactive limitations. Thus, it is preferable to purchase a premium subscription. You’ll be able to locate more matches that way and communicate with them more effectively.

Overall, CatholicMatch is a time and money well spent if you are a Catholic. It is a well-known, secure dating service with millions of users and several CatholicMatch success stories. On the CatholicMatch website and app, love and faith are blended to produce marriages. For Catholic singles, CatholicMatch is unquestionably worthwhile.

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Hot Mama
Aug 31, 2023

I adore the site. There are a lot of people here, We even generated a few family relations to possess correspondence, chill females, however, We nevertheless inserted with the goal of an even more severe relationship.

Bambi Benz
Aug 01, 2023

Due to the web site, I discovered many loved ones that have whom I believe safe and fascinating to communicate. There had been no real group meetings yet ,, however, I believe that everything is still to come.

Sir Shove
Aug 06, 2023

Regarding a number of other internet dating sites, this platform was popular of the a very considerate program for buying possible partners.

Sugar Buns
Jul 27, 2023

On the site it is possible to fulfill your like, and you may family relations, and only fascinating individuals chat and you will dilute the nights.

Sep 20, 2023

I appreciated this site, new contingent which have who We conveyed are, by and large, charming.

Jungle King
Aug 21, 2023

I have one thing to give about this dating site, since over last year it forced me to fulfill my soul mates. My husband and i came across somewhat quickly, most likely 14 days after my registration.

Gummy Bear
Aug 11, 2023

I've been with my spouse getting half a year now. Very thanks for to this webpages!

Aug 26, 2023

My character might have been dangling for ninety days, once i was inside the amicable interaction having males off my personal ages out of other ccountries. We coincide, communicate. Zero even worse compared to real time.

Drugstore Cowboy
Sep 05, 2023

On this web site, I satisfied several females, and that i even become a connection having that.

Wonder Woman
Sep 10, 2023

A night out together using my husband try my personal only conference from this webpages, I became happy and it also turned into winning and you will actually fateful, and so i are thankful to that particular financial support and you will, typically, that brand new celebs have molded in that way.

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Sep 15, 2023

We joined to help you kill time from boredom on nights, We didn’t package anything really serious, but then I fulfilled this lady, it’s things unbelievable, I fell crazy for example a son!

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Aug 16, 2023

Definitely end up being an active representative, then odds of meeting your person raise. I made certain so it myself!

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